Maniks Desuperheaters Device that cools down the superheated refrigera

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Desuperheater is one of the vitality monitoring item by Maniks which is being utilized in the plant where high warmth vitality produced and squandered. Maniks engineers are an outstanding provider in the electromechanical assembling world. They are reliably giving best quality, high effectiveness and financial items to the clients since most recent thirty years.


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Maniks Desuperheaters: Device that cools down the superheated refrigerant  -ExlTech :

Maniks Desuperheaters: Device that cools down the superheated refrigerant  - ExlTech




Content Introduction Hypothesis Refrigeration Purpose Configuration highlights of Maniks Desuperheater Points of interest Utilizations of Maniks Desuperheater

Hypothesis : :

Hypothesis : The term desuperheating is known as attemperation or steam molding which really used to decrease steam temperature in a high warmth age plants . Maniks desuperheaters are intended to infuse water and augment the surface contact and direct contact between the steam and water to diminish the steam temperature. Fundamentally there are two sorts of super radiators • Indirect contact compose Desuperheater • Direct contact composes Desuperheater

Refrigeration Purpose : :

Refrigeration Purpose : The regular refrigeration framework comprises of expulsion of warmth from one source and ousting this warmth vitality to air. The warmth catapulted to the climate can be utilized for some other reason. There is a synchronous necessity of warming burden when cooling is produced. Maniks Desuperheater is utilized in refrigeration consolidating segment which can recoup warm. Each aerating and cooling framework has a warmth vitality related with it which can be reused by utilizing Maniks High productivity Desuperheater .

Configuration highlights of Maniks Desuperheater::

Configuration highlights of Maniks Desuperheater: High effective atomization. Accurate and repeatable control liquid temperature. Tight stop variable splash unit. High extend capacity variable region shower unit. Erosion obstruction materials of determination. Ease of establishment. Low support highlights. High respectability fixing game plan. Quality confirmation at each phase of assembling. Comprehensively outlined and tried to guarantee its ideal execution for the extreme procedure Parameters indicated.

Points of interest::

Points of interest : Maniks Desuperheater has different points of interest, for example, Efficient, vanished cooling water adds to steam stack Various composes, arrangements and sizes No moving parts consequently low support No exceptional backings required No warm liner required (aside from crisis dump application)

Utilizations of Maniks Desuperheater: :

Utilizations of Maniks Desuperheater : few of them are given beneath Improve warm exchange of surface kind warmth exchangers Reduction and control of superheated steam Use on boilers between superheated stages or at heater exit Controls superheat temperatures at fractional burdens Bypass of bleeder or backpressure turbines to keep up adjust between process steam and power prerequisites Balancing and make up steam in lessening weight frameworks Desuperheaters as vitality exchangers Shipboard benefit Industrial warming framework Food handling Turbine sidestep steam temperature control


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