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this presentation is not official and due to lack of much information on this particular topic, it is difficult to determine its accuracy. this presentation gives general idea on work study and method study.


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WHAT IS WORK STUDY........? Work study is a management tool to achieve higher productivity in any organization whether manufacturing tangible products or offering services to its customers.

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“It is that body of knowledge concerned with the analysis of the work methods and the equipment used in performing a job, the design of an optimum work method and the standardization of proposed work methods.” DEFINITION OF WORK STUDY

Objectives :

Objectives To analyze the present method of doing a job. To measure the work content by measuring the time required hence to establish standard time . To increase the productivity by ensuring the best possible use of resources and to achieve best quality at minimum cost. To improve operational efficiency.

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Benefits of work study Reduce manufacturing cost Improved workflow Reduce material handling cost Better industrial relations Improved morale

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Basis for sound incentive schemes Better manpower planning Improved workplace layout Job satisfaction

Basic work study procedure:

Basic work study procedure Select the job or process or the operation to be studied Record all relevant facts about the job or process or operation Examine critically all the recorded facts Develop the new method Measure the work content and establish the standard time Define the new method Install the new method Maintain the new method

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Work methods analysis or method study is a scientific technique of observing , recording and critically examining the present method of performing a task or operation with the aim of improving the present method and developing a new and cheaper method. It is also known as method improvement or work improvement . What is method study……?

Definition of method study::

Definition of method study: “That body of knowledge concerned with the analysis of the methods and the equipment used in performing a job, the design of an optimum method and the standardization of the proposed methods is called method study”

Objectives of method study:

Objectives of method study To study the existing proposed method of doing any job, operation or activity To develop an improved method to improve productivity and to reduce operating costs To reduce excessive material handling or movement and thereby reduce fatigue to workmen To improve utilization of resources To eliminate wasteful and inefficient motions To standardize work methods or processes, working conditions , machinery, equipments and tools.

Factors facilitating Method study:

Factors facilitating Method study High operating cost High wastage & scrap Excessive movement of materials and workmen Excessive production bottlenecks Excessive rejections and rework Complaints about quality Complaints about poor working condition Increasing number of accidents Excessive use of overtime

Advantages of method study:

Advantages of method study Work simplification Improved working method ( cheaper method) Better product quality Improved work place layout Improved equipment design Better working conditions Better material handling Improved work flow


EFFECTS OF METHOD STUDY Less fatigue to the operator Optimum utilization of all resources Higher safety to work men Shorter production cycle time Higher job satisfaction Reduced material consumption and wastages

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