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A computer is an electronic device. Computers are work on different – different type for example business field, education field, science field, social media, marketing and any more.


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What Is Computers?:

What Is Computers? A Computers is an electronic device that helps people perform different task. For Example: Computers allows us to write letters, create pictures , make calculations, play games, create video, social media work and any more computer related work.

How To Work On Computers?:

How To Work On Computers? Work on computers different – different type for example : Social media Create picture Create movie maker Marketing Bankers work Hospital work etc .

Uses Of Computers?:

Uses Of Computers? Uses: Education Field Bankers Field Science Field Medical Field Business Field

Uses Of computers in various field?:

Uses Of computers in various field? Education Field: In the field education , teachers can use computers to perform various task such as , deliver training through audio visual learning aids, maintain student record to track performance and any more.

Business Field::

Business Field: In This field Business, You can use computers to maintain account record , create personal record, track inventory , prepare presentations and reports, manage projects, and communicate by email and any more.

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