7th Grade Math Riddles

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Mrs. Hughes7th Grade : 

Mrs. Hughes7th Grade Math Riddles

By: Josh J. & Tyler Hall : 

By: Josh J. & Tyler Hall I am two ones as u can see, Go on and add 1 more to me. My number is even, small, and poor, Be so brave and add one more. The number I am is a really low rate, Turn me upside down and I’ll turn to A lower case h. If you don’t know me you’re still not dumb, Just think of me as a hand with no thumbs!

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By: Josh, Jureka, and Chris : 

By: Josh, Jureka, and Chris I am a two digit number That everyone likes to see. An even two digit number Between eleven and fourteen. What number am I?

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By: Lauren, Treston, Catelyn, Lexi , Faith : 

By: Lauren, Treston, Catelyn, Lexi , Faith One is short and 4 are tall, 2 have freckles and some none at all, You multiply these and add by five, It’s more than 10 but less than 14.

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By: Kim, Alayna, &Tyler : 

By: Kim, Alayna, &Tyler The sum of this number is all of our ages. Add all of these before we turn the pages! It’s not prime, it must be Composite! To find the answer open The closet!

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By: Javon & Calen : 

By: Javon & Calen I am a two digit number, The first one you normally see. If you add another line, I’ll look like a Z. My second number you’ll get my point! Take off the hunch on my back and you’ll Get 1! The whole # is prime. It is 4 more than 3 quarter in your pocket!

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By: Jimmy Glover : 

By: Jimmy Glover I am a multiple of 12, less than 60 more than 36 6 is a factor of this number! What number am I?

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By: Jacob, Jessie& Devin : 

By: Jacob, Jessie& Devin Three people in a group, Take that and multiply by 2 Subtract 6, add 48 on you Might wanna divide by 8! You have the answer now, Come on and make me proud!

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By: Wes : 

By: Wes This number is the age of my Brother! It’s the product of 7 and 3. How old is he?

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By: Tashanay : 

By: Tashanay My nephew told on me cause I beat him with a shoe! I beat him 10 times divided by 2! I am an equation with 10 and 2 If you can’t think of it, I’ll beat you Too!

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By: Kyra Toney : 

By: Kyra Toney My brother’s age is between 79 & 89. It is a multiple of 5. It is not prime! How old is my brother Clyde?

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By: Hailey & Savannah : 

By: Hailey & Savannah The average of our birthday is an even number. While your trying to find this number be sure not to slumber! A factor of our number is 6! On our cake the number of wicks Is the product of 2 & 6!

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By: Kyra Collins : 

By: Kyra Collins I’m a number between 10 & 13. If you answer right I will gleam! I’m an even number. If you guess wrong, I’ll scream!

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Slide 26: 

My sister bit my thumb! You can solve this you’re not dumb! I am the sum of 30 & 29. Don’t act like I’m hard to find! By: Ariana, Tytianna J., & Leaja

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By: Titiunna J., Arianna, Leaja : 

By: Titiunna J., Arianna, Leaja Come on girls let’s kick some Sticks! I am the product of 6 times 6! But wait that’s not all! Add four more then divide by 2. Watch out or we’ll hit you!

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By: Seth and Hannah J. : 

By: Seth and Hannah J. Halloween is on the 31st, Listen closely or you may burst! S worms crawling through your eyes, You should multiply our age By 5! You’re in for a big surprise!

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By: Rebecca B. : 

By: Rebecca B. It is the scariest day of the year. It’s my cousins birthday, oh what a fear! 62 is the product of this number and 2. Can you figure it out? I dare you !

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By: Donovan Huhn : 

By: Donovan Huhn A number is on my mind. More than 3 but less than 9, A multiple is 50, Can you find the answer in a jiffy?

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Slide 36: 

The number I’m looking for is a factor of 9. Don’t get it wrong, It is a prime! If you subtract it by 6 then the problem will be fixed! Now you can be happy about this Trick! By: Josh H. & Dontae May

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By: Aaron M. : 

By: Aaron M. I am a four digit number. All my digits are prime. My digit’s sum is eleven And trust me it’s more than a dime!

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By: Chelsea E. : 

By: Chelsea E. How many bees are in the hive? It’s a number more than 2 but Less than 5. You multiply it with a number that Is prime. It’s product is 15, How many bees are in the hive?

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By: Leslie P. : 

By: Leslie P. John and Kate Plus Eight Is my favorite show! They always like to go! In there family there are 10 people you see If they had quintuplets how many would there be?

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By: Daron Lee : 

By: Daron Lee My number has to do with Drew Brees. When you take 3 numbers from 12 You can just freeze!

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By: Jensen G. : 

By: Jensen G. I have a prime number It’s easy to guess 64 by 4 would be the best When you divide You’ll get the quotient A girl’s dream # It falls like lumber!

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By: Jenna S. : 

By: Jenna S. I was born in a month of national decree, So to find my # you must be filled With glee! My number is prime, It’s a multiple of five! It’s in the teens, to find this number you’ll have to get mean!

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By: Davon Lee : 

By: Davon Lee I’m looking for the product of 7 & 2 Then you multiply it by 2 ! Don’t cry boo! I won’t you to get the quotient too! Now decrease it by 1, you’re almost Done! It’s close to my age, It comes out with a historical rage!

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By: Amanda Creel : 

By: Amanda Creel I have 2 favorite numbers, Both of them are prime. The first is the sum of a penny And dime. The second is the difference of a Dime and 3 cents. Both of them rhyme!

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11 & 7

By: Barry D. : 

By: Barry D. My favorite team is the USM eagles! My neighbor has 5 beagles. I am composite. I ran the ball through the pocket. I’m extremely shifty. The number on my jersey is a factor of fifty!

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By: Bri Brown : 

By: Bri Brown The month of his birthday rhymes with hay! The sum of the day is 3 plus his Age! The product of the year is 1 from 2008. You have to get the year, the month, and the date!

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May 4, 2007

By: Natalia H. : 

By: Natalia H. This is a special day in many people’s lives It gives your parents the hives! Most hotels don’t have this as one of The floors, so you won’t see this number on a Door! It’s a prime number with only one factor!

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By: Jacob B. : 

By: Jacob B. I am a number from 1 to 10 I am not a fish, I don’t have fins! I am not very bright, I have low self-esteem, It might give you a fright! If you multiply two and three. It will be very easy to see me!

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Good Job 7th Graders!

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