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Personality Presentation by:SHUBHAM SHARMA : 

Personality Presentation by:SHUBHAM SHARMA

Theories of Personality : 

Theories of Personality Type Theory Trait Theory Psychoanalytic Theory Social Learning Theory Humanistic Approach Roger’s Self Theory Maslow’s Self- actualisation Theory

Type Theory : 

Type Theory Relation was sought to be established between features of face or body and personality. Division of Personality between introvert and extrovert was made.

Trait Theory : 

Trait Theory A Trait differentiate one from another in a relatively permanent or consistent way. Factor Analysis, a technique is used for this purpose. A Personality inventory can also be made use of to evaluate a person’s trait.

Psychoanalytic Theory : 

Psychoanalytic Theory Credit for this goes to Sigmund Freud. Identified components of Personality as ID, Ego and Superego. ID: This is the mental framework based on everything inherited and works on pleasure principal. Ego: This is based on reality principle. Superego: It functions on norms and ethics.

Social Learning Theory : 

Social Learning Theory Learning is a relatively permanent change acquired through experience. There are two ways of learning: Through Reinforcement By observing others.

Humanistic Approach : 

Humanistic Approach This Approach is concerned with the, ”SELF” and individuals subjective experience. The two theories under this approach are: Roger’s Self Theory Maslow’s Self-actualisation theory.

Roger’s Self Theory : 

Roger’s Self Theory This theory is base on self and characteristics. This theory established a fact that human nature is constructive, progressive and realistic. The Self consists of all ideas, Perceptions and values that characterise “I” or “me”, it includes the awareness of “what I am” and “what I can do”.

Maslow’s Self-Actualisation Theory : 

Maslow’s Self-Actualisation Theory Abraham Maslow is regarded as the spiritual father of humanism. This theory focuses on the fact that each individual tries to use his potential and thus move towards self-actualization. Individual is an integrated whole. Human nature is essentially good. Man has creative potential.

Determinants of Personality : 

Determinants of Personality Heredity: It refers to those factors that are determined at conception. Environment: It includes factors like culture, norms, attitudes and values. Contribution from the family. Socialisation process. Situational Considerationals.

Traits Influencing O.B : 

Traits Influencing O.B Authoritarianism Locus of control Machiavellianism Introversion and Extroversion Achievement Orientation Self Esteem Risk Taking Self Monitoring

Personality and O.B : 

Personality and O.B Personality is an important determinant of employee behaviour. Personality is the focal point determinant motivation. Personality characteristic influence selection of individuals to occupy various positions in an organization.

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