nature and process of communication

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Nature And Process Of Communication : 

Nature And Process Of Communication Presented By:- SHUBHAM SHARMA

Contents : 

Contents Communication Definition Communication Essence Communication Process Communication Context Communication Genres

What is Communication : 

What is Communication Communication is the process of conveying information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood the same way by both sender and receiver.

Communication Essence : 

Communication Essence Personal Process. Occurs between people. Provides factual information. Means to influence others. Expression of thoughts & emotions through words & actions.

The Communication Process : 

The Communication Process Sender has an idea Sender encodes the idea Sender transmits the message Receiver gets the message Receiver decodes the message Receiver sends feedback

Communication Block Diagram : 

Communication Block Diagram

Usage of Business Communication Channels : 

Usage of Business Communication Channels Listening 45% Reading 16% Speaking 30% Writing 9%

Communication Context : 

Communication Context Purpose Audience Medium Genres/Types

Genres of Communication : 

Genres of Communication Written Communication Oral Communication Mixed Communication

Written Communication : 

Written Communication Letters Memos Email Reports/White Papers Web sites

Oral Communication : 

Oral Communication Meetings Conference calls Phone calls Presentations Video or audio recordings

Mixed Communication : 

Mixed Communication Web sites PowerPoint presentations (spoken and written communication) Performance reviews

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