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Username: Passw ord: Remember me Sign In Sign In Sponsored Simple App Helps Mom Enroll 300 People in Her Online Business Discover the Best Tool for Grow ing Your Pipeline for any Business System Does every thing for you Let experts do all the w ork. 100 FREE Video Reveals... " How I Gained Access To The Well Kept Secrets Of The Top Earners And Used Them To Instantly Explode My Home Business " hd desktop backgrounds best social netw orking sites Recommended Reading 0 App Helps Mom Enroll 300 People Automatic Done for You Commission Tags Links More Articles Why scenic beauty attracts us How to Use Social Netw orking in 3 Smart Ways Similar Articles Craze of social netw orking sites using mobile applications in 2016 +0 -0 Articles Articles Brow se Articles » Internet eBusiness » The Mobile Evolution of Social Netw orking... The Mobile Evolution of Social Networking Sites: What You Need to Know by Gagandeep Singh Digital M arketing Expert Social Networking has been a tremendous change over the last decade or so. What began as a fairly simple idea of compiling an online list of friends in the late 90’s has now turned into a completely radical entity unto itself. But how has this evolution been for you and how much has it affected your life Some of the best social networking sites have now moved or rather evolved themselves onto the counterparts of desktop computers i.e. they have found a second home in the mobile phones. T oday the mobile phones have been rightly termed as ‘smart’ for their capability to render complex information that previously only powerful computers were supposed to deliver. All this has had an impact on various aspects of our social lives. The evolution of social networking websites on different smart gadgets is fundamentally changing the way humans communicate. Following are some of these impacts that you need to know: A better way to learn According to the government data the number of smartphone users in India has reached nearly 340 million in the year 2017. For a developing country like India this is a great feat. A place where schooling is still on its way to reaching to millions the mobile phone can do wonders for literacy. Social networking sites can provide e-learning videos and other educational tutorials to the youth for free of cost. With the internet already becoming extremely cheap due to the advent of the 4G technology this could be the best time for online portals to provide e-learning facilities and help increase the literacy rate. A stronger mode to express The mobile evolution of social networking websites has greatly engaged the Indian youth in the political and social discourse. When they are not busy searching for free online music or hd desktop backgrounds or online games they are quite occupied in keeping up to date with news and politics on their phones and tablets. Any video or news that goes viral attracts scores of comments from the youngsters who share it online with the rest of the world. How It Works Explore Join APSense PDFmyURL lets you convert a complete website to PDF automatically

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Management issue for social netw ork Corporate Social Netw orking Sites Social Netw orking Online games Netw ork MarketingNext Evolution Start Yours here Now Free My Social Netw orking Sites social netw orking sites Although there are issues like trolling and spamming involved with this those need to be strictly tackled by the cyber police. A sharper way to engage Many of the online social portals have also developed their applications for android iOS and windows phones. This has enabled a faster layout for your fingertips to tap. Separate development of customized application for different operating systems means a huge access to the masses. This new age of communication has shown that the best social networking sites are now more than just mere facilitators of forming friends list. They are now home to entertainment avenues business dealings and career centers. Moreover with the technology at its side this online tool has now cloned itself to a mobile platform and has thus made it much more convenient for the governments and the individuals alike to use it for the betterment of the society. To know more on how social networking is changing around you go to Source: - networking-sites-what-you-need-know-1573283.html PDFmyURL lets you convert a complete website to PDF automatically

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