Shriram has shown us How Hazardous our Wastes are for our Ecosystem

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Shriram has shown us How Hazardous our Wastes are for our Ecosystem :

Shriram has shown us How Hazardous our Wastes are for our Ecosystem


Introduction Waste management is a great problem which is getting bigger and bigger. Instead of getting this issue resolved, waste management is taking a giant size which is going to adversely affect the environment and the ecosystem too. We have already started noticing them and they will be getting intense and dangerous too. But we have to come out of this situation; we have to take steps and should get aware immediately to save our beloved earth.  Among the various categories of waste products, solid waste is a huge one which is getting collected. Most of the solid waste is made up of non-biodegradable items which take thousands of years to just degrade in the soil. Hence they are making the environment mostly polluted and causing many diseases too. 

BIS approved lab:

BIS approved lab Solid waste management   is compulsory without which it can turn into drastic result killing the entire human community. Shriram Institute of industrial research is a renowned lab for environmental studies has carried out many such tests to find out about the management of such solid waste. It is a  BIS approved lab  where environmental studies research is carried out on various projects to find out the desired expectations. Based on the environmental waste management, various mega projects have already been done by the experts. All these researches have been approved by the state pollution control board and have been done under the guidance and order of the expert professionals who are well equipped with proper lab essentials.


Besides, the solid waste, they are also well equipped for other studies like air pollution and management, water waste management, noise pollutions and toxic and hazardous waste management. Check out their website to explore a wide range of scopes of undergoing research work on any environmental studies you want to.



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