Shyam Metalics: Top QST Bar Company in Kolkata


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Over the years, it has worked with hundreds of engineers and construction companies, providing them with SEL TMT bars, of different grades, for their unique construction projects’ needs and requirements. Go to


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The company was founded in 1995 and since then it has committed to deliver the  best QST bar for house construction in West Bengal . Today,  Shyam Metalics  is renowned as a leading TMT bar company in West Bengal.


With a large portfolio, it also offers a wide range of other  SEL steel products , including sponge iron, Ferro alloys, MS Billets and more. Shyam Metalics flexes a large and state-of-art manufacturing facility that enables it to maintain superior quality in its products.


Address: Trinity Tower, 7th Floor, 83, Topsia Road, Kolkata – 700046 Phone: 03340164025 Alternative Phone: 03340164000 Website: Facebook:

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