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Good Ppt Sir. Like cables any products voluntary marking allowed?

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CONTENT BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards ISI - Indian Standards Institute Introduction Procedure Benefits of ISI mark product Reference DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 2


BIS To maintain the service and quality of a product is the main job of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). BIS allot the ISI mark to any product as a guarantee after ensuring its quality, reliability and safety. Another job of BIS is to take action on the consumer complaints after making proper inquiry. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 3


INTRODUCTION of isi ISI mark is a certification mark employed on industrial products in India . The mark placed on a consumer product certifies that it conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards , the national standards organization of India . The ISI mark is by far the most recognized certification mark in the Indian subcontinent . The name ISI is an abbreviation of Indian Standards Institute , the former name of the Bureau of Indian Standards . DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 4

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It was on this day in 1946 that 25 countries met in London and decided to create an international organization with the objective of facilitating international coordination and unification of industrial standards Then ISO started functioning in 1947 with the Indian Standards Institution as one of the founder members. Over the years, the membership of ISO has gone up with 130 member countries representing developed and developing economies. It was on January 6, 1947 that the ISI came into being and in June 1947 Dr. Lal C. Verman took over as its first Director. Symbolic of the role, the Indian Standards Institution (I.S.I.) was to play the first standard drawn was for the National Flag of India. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 6

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The ISI mark is mandatory for certain products to be sold in India, like most of the electrical appliances viz ; switches , electric motors , wiring cables, heaters etc., and other products like cement, LPG valves, LPG cylinders, automotive tyr es etc. It is very common in India to find products with fake ISI marks, that is, affixing ISI marks on the product without actually getting certified. This is a punishable offense by the law, but the practice is common. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 7

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The organization was formerly the Indian Standards Institution (ISI), set up under the Resolution of the then Department of Industries and Supplies No. 1 Std.(4)/45, dated 3 September 1946. The ISI was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 . As a corporate body, it has 25 members drawn from Central or State Governments, industry, scientific and research institutions, and consumer organizations Its headquarters are in New Delhi, with regional offices in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi, and 20 branch offices. World Standards Day is celebrated the world over to raise awareness and focus on the need for global standardization and its role in meeting the needs of consumers, trade and industry. It is celebrated on October 14 every year to mark the foundation of the International Organization for Standardization, popularly known as the ISO. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 10

BIS hallmark:

BIS hallmark The BIS hallmark is a certification mark employed on gold and silver jewellery in India as a mark of their purity. It certifies that the piece of jewellery conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards organization of India. The hallmark logo is followed by a three digit number indicating the purity of the gold in part-per-thousand-format viz ; 958, 916, 875, 750, 585, 375. Thus a BIS 916 hallmark would certify to a purity of 916 per 1000, that is 91.6%, translating to a 22 carat purity of gold. it has a wide acceptance among consumers. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 11

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Certifying agency Bureau of Indian Standards Effective region India Effective since 1999 Product category Gold jewellery Legal status Mandatory Mandatory since Jan 2012 Website DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 13

Association with International Standards Bodies :

Association with International Standards Bodies BIS is a founder member of International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) It represents India in ISO,the International Electrotechnical Commission, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Standards Service Network (WSSN) Standard Formulation & Promotion One of the major functions of the Bureau is the formulation, recognition and promotion of the Indian Standards. As on 31 March 2008, 18446 Standards formulated by BIS, are in force. These cover important segments of economy, which help the industry in upgrading the quality of their products and services. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 14

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BIS has identified 14 sectors which are important to Indian Industry. For formulation of Indian Standard, it has separate Division Council to supervise the work. The Standards are regularly reviewed and formulated in line with the technological development to maintain harmony with the International Standards. Laboratories To support the activities of product certification, BIS has a chain of 8 laboratories. These laboratories have established testing facilities for products of chemical, food, electrical and mechanical disciplines. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 15

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Approximately, 25000 samples are being tested in the BIS laboratories every year. In certain cases where it is economically not feasible to develop test facilities in BIS laboratories and also for other reasons like overloading of samples, equipment being out of order, the services of outside approved laboratories are also being availed. Except for the two labs, all the other labs are NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratiories ) accredited. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 16

Scheme-Foreign Manufacturers :

Scheme-Foreign Manufacturers All foreign manufacturers of products who intend to export to India are required to obtain a BIS product certification licence . Towards this, BIS launched its Product Certification Scheme for overseas manufacturers in the year 1999. Under the provisions of this scheme, foreign manufacturers can seek certification from BIS for marking their product(s) with BIS Standard Mark. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 17

National Institute of Training for Standardization (NITS) :

National Institute of Training for Standardization (NITS) It is a training institute of BIS which is set up in 1995. It is functioning from Noida , (Uttar Pradesh), India. The primary activities of NITS are:- In-House and Open Training Programme for Industry International Training Programme for Developing Countries (commonwealth countries) Training Programme to its employees. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 18

Format of isi :

Format of isi The ISI mark in the prescribed format would contain, along with the ISI logo, a code number of the standard specification preceded with the letters IS . For example, the code IS:14543 denotes a standard specification for PET(Polyethylene Terephtalate )containers . The letters IS stands for 'Indian Standard '. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 19

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Expansion Indian Standards Institute Certifying agency Bureau of Indian Standards Effective region India Effective since 1955 Product category Industrial products Legal status Mandatory for some products, advisory for others DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 20


PROCEDURE FOR GRANT OF LICENCE FOR DOMESTIC MANUFACTURERS (Updated on 21 -05- 2007) The applicant has the option to choose any of the following two procedures for grant of licence : i ) Normal Procedure – In the normal procedure, the applicant is required to submit the filled in application along with required documents and requisite fee to the nearest BIS branch office. Subsequently, after recording of the application, a preliminary factory evaluation is carried out by BIS officer to ascertain the capability of the applicant/manufacturer to produce goods according to the relevant Indian Standard and to verify the availability of complete testing facility and competent technical personnel. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 21

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1. APPLICATION The procedure for grant of BIS Certification Marks Licence begins with the filing of application in the prescribed Application form (FORM I) by the manufacturer desirous of obtaining the licence . A licence is granted for varieties of products covered under a given Indian Standard. The form along with application fee of Rs 1000 is required to be submitted to the Branch Office under whose jurisdiction the manufacturing unit is located. The following additional documents are required to be submitted with the application: a)Location map of factory and factory layout b)Documentation authenticating the premises of manufacture DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 22

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c) Lists of Manufacturing machinery and testing equipments available d) Scheme of testing and inspection in use, or any proposed to be used, together with an undertaking to follow the Scheme approved by BIS after grant of licence e) An undertaking to pay the prescribed marking fee from the date of grant of licence f) An undertaking to follow all terms and condition of grant of licence and to suspend marking with immediate effect in the event of suspension or cancellation of licence . g) A flow chart describing the process of production and inspection stages h) Details of technical personnel available . DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 23

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2. RECORDING On checking, if the application is found complete in all respects, it is recorded and assigned an application number. The application is acknowledged and the number is conveyed to the applicant for future reference. 3. PRELIMINARY INSPECTION Preliminary inspection of the unit is carried out on a mutually agreed date, within a month of recording of application. During this inspection the firm's manufacturing capability and controls, quality control techniques, facilities available and the technical skills of the personnel are evaluated. Samples of products are tested and also drawn for testing in BIS or other recognized laboratories. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 24

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Preliminary visits are charged to the applicant at the rate of Rs 4000 per day for first visit and Rs. 3000 for subsequent visits. During the preliminary inspection, the Scheme of Testing and Inspection is discussed with the applicant's management. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 25

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4. GRANT OF LICENCE - Licence to use the Standard Mark on a product is approved only after BIS has ensured the capability of the manufacturer to manufacture the product continuously in accordance with the relevant Indian Standard. This is ensured through preliminary factory evaluation to ascertain the capability of the manufacturer to produce goods according to the relevant Indian Standard especially with respect to raw materials, process of manufacture, manufacturing capability and quality control facilities including testing equipment and supervisory staff. Samples are tested in the factory, in order to bring out any deficiencies in test equipment/testing procedures and testing personnel as well as for spot establishment of quality of product. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 26

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Simultaneously, samples are also drawn for testing in the indepen­dent laboratories for assessing conformity to the relevant standard. The manufacturer is required to agree to operate a well defined Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI) as approved by BIS from time to time, which prescribes the specific tests and the frequency for conducting them. the manufacturer also has to agree to pay a marking fee fixed by BIS for the product. Licence is granted only after the manufacturer agrees to these conditions and if the factory inspection and test reports are satisfactory. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 27

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5. VALIDITY The initial validity period of the licence is one year. Licence can be renewed for further  period of one/two years,  subject to satisfactory operation of licence as observed during periodic inspections, factory & independent testing of samples drawn from factory and market. The licensee shall apply to BIS on the prescribed Renewal Form along with renewal application fee of Rs. 500/-, annual licence fee of Rs. 1000/- and marking fee, as applicable. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 28

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6 . FEE a) Application fee of Rs. 1000/-(to be submitted with the filled-up application). b) Charges for Preliminary Inspection visit @ Rs. 4000/- per man day for first day and Rs.3000/- for subsequent days . c)  Advance annual minimum marking fee (as prescribed by BIS) (different for different products) ,To be deposited at the time of grant of licence and submission of renewal application. Annual licence fee of Rs.1000/- is also to be paid at the time of grant of licence DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 29

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d) Renewal application Fee (Rs. 500/-) and Annual licence fee (Rs. 1000/-) ,to be submitted at the time of renewal along with duly filled-in prescribed Renewal Form . e)  The testing charges of the sample(s) drawn during Preliminary Inspection visit shall be paid by the applicant. f) Special visit(s), if required e.g. for inclusion of varieties, , verification of corrective actions, etc. @ Rs. 3000 per man day (after grant of licence ). 7. Applicable Govt. taxes. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 30

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ii) Simplified Procedure – In the simplified procedure, applicant is required to furnish the test report of the sample(s) got tested by him in the BIS approved laboratories, along with the application. If the test report(s) and other documents are found satisfactory, a verification visit is carried out by BIS. The licence is granted thereafter if the verification report is found satisfactory. The applicant also has the option to get the documents and other details as specified in the application, certified by a Chartered Engineer and submit the same to BIS. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 31

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The licence then shall be granted after checking of the documents and report submitted by Chartered Engineer. By this procedure the licence is expected to be granted within 30 days of receipt of application by BIS, provided all required documents are furnished and found satisfactory. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 32

Benefits of ISI mark product :

Benefits of ISI mark product • The quality and standards of products with ISI mark are set up as this mark is issued after proper investigation. • If you are not satisfied with the quality of product with ISI mark, then the company will give you new product in return to it. • An action can be taken against the manufacturer of the product with ISI mark in case of its bad quality. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 33

How to distinguish between original and duplicate ISI mark? :

How to distinguish between original and duplicate ISI mark? • There are lots of products in the market resembling with the ISI mark. • Products with 'As per ISI standards', 'Confirmed to ISI standards' or 'As per ISI specification' are duplicate. • The logo on original ISI products is of rectangular shape. The ratio between its length and breadth is 4:3. Number IS: is written upon with followed by a number. IS: is written on all products but the number varies.This number specifies the category of the product. CM/L along with a seven digit license number is written below the logo. This number helps in identifying the unit where it was produced. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 34

First Aid Fire Swinging Hose Reel With Nozzle :

First Aid Fire Swinging Hose Reel With Nozzle DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 35

Some important points to consider :

Some important points to consider • Always take the bill of item purchased. Also ask the seller to mention the fact on the bill that the product is with ISI mark. • Complaint in BIS if you are not satisfied with the quality of product with ISI mark. • While making the complaint, specify the name of the product, details of the shop, date of purchasing, manufacturing date and the fact that whether you are having the bill or not. • BIS takes action from time to time against the people misusing the ISI mark. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 36

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The time duration of three months is fixed for the investigation of complaints received against quality of products with ISI mark. This time duration also includes time for all kind of investigations. A punishment of one year or a penalty of up to Rs. 50,000 or both can be levied on the person misusing ISI mark The investigation lab of BIS is situated in many cities all over the country. You can check the quality of any product after paying the fees as specified by BIS. DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 37

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If you are not satisfied with the quality of any product with ISI mark, then you can write to BIS on following address: Director, Consumer Affairs and Public Grievances Department, Maanak Bhawan , 9, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg , New Delhi-110002 Phone: 011-23232262, 23235069 E-Mail: DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 38

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• If you have information about any product with duplicate ISI mark or you are a victim of it, then complaint BIS about this on the following address: Deputy Director General (Enforcement), Bureau of Indian Standards, Third Floor, Maanak Bhawan , 9, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg , New Delhi-110002 Phone: 011-23233650 Fax: 011-23217421 E-Mail:,, DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 39

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If you are not satisfied with their action, then you can wirte directly to Director General. Director General, Bureau of Indian Standards, Third Floor, Maanak Bhawan , 9, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg , New Delhi-110002 Phone: 011-23237991, 23236980 Fax: 011-23239399 DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 40

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Address of Faridabad branch office: SEO, Sector-12, Faridabad-121001 Phone: 0129-292173 e-mail: • Address of Gaziabad branch office: Savitri Complex, 116 G.T. Road, Gaziabad-201001 Phone: 0120-4711995 • You can also complaint online on the website of BIS at DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 41


REFERENCES From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 42

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