Nomad Helped Riverside Health System Achieve 15-Minute Upgrades


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1E’s Nomad provided Riverside with a fast, bandwidth-efficient, and highly automated solution to roll-out Windows 7. The low-touch approach had minimum impact on end users and ensured that the small, centralized IT team could rapidly accelerate the migration.


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1E.COM CASE STUDY Share this Challenge April 2014 was a signifcant date for US healthcare provider Riverside Health System: Microsoft had stopped providing support for Windows XP. Riverside was among the many companies who found themselves with an urgent need to switch from XP to Windows 7 – the only way to ensure protection against potential exploits and new vulnerabilities. With 7800 PCs and a complex highly dispersed server estate Riverside faced a signifcant challenge in terms of rolling out the upgrade quickly and efectively. To ensure success it needed an efcient efective and automated approach. Solution 1E’s Nomad provided Riverside with a fast bandwidth-efcient and highly automated solution to roll-out Windows 7. The low-touch approach had minimum impact on end users and ensured that the small centralized IT team could rapidly accelerate the migration. Benefts • Accelerated migration - Nomad reduced the average time needed to migrate a PC to Windows 7 from three hours to just 15 minutes. Rather than migrating each machine individually IT staf can set up 5-6 migrations at a time. • Painless process – Nomad made it possible for Riverside to carry out the migration without any impact on end users’ work – eliminating any costs that might have been associated with lost work time. • Increased time for key projects – Riverside has saved more than 24000 man hours over the course of the migration project – time that can now be used on other important IT projects. NOMAD HELPED RIVERSIDE HEAL TH SYSTEM ACHIEVE 15-MINUTE UPGRADES Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 was a daunting challenge for Riverside’s IT Department. Thanks to Nomad the US healthcare frm was able to dramatically accelerate its Windows upgrade program – slashing the time taken to migrate a PC from three hours to just 15 minutes. 1E NOMAD

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1E.COM 1E NOMAD Riverside Health System is a fagship regional US medical center with over 9500 afliates throughout the Virginia region covering every aspect of healthcare. The organization’s IT infrastructure which includes 7800 PCs of varying confgurations is managed and supported by a small centralized IT team of 25. With Microsoft about to terminate XP support Riverside found itself exposed to an unacceptable degree of potential risk in terms of the security and functionality of its IT systems and data – factors which could also threaten the continuity of patient care. Riverside’s 7800 PCs were spread across more than 100 locations many of which had connection speeds of just 1.54Mbit/s. Combined with the central co-ordination of OS rollouts software updates and patching across Riverside’s Wide Area Network WAN the process of migrating away from Windows XP posed a signifcant challenge. Riverside’s aim was to migrate its 7800 XP machines to Windows 7 quickly – but the complexity of its IT infrastructure made this difcult. To get a feel for the scope of the project Riverside’s IT Department set up a trial-run using the traditional Windows User State Migration Tool USMT. This took weeks and ultimately proved impractical. A more efcient approach and toolset was required for the kind of low-impact migration Riverside wanted to achieve. Windows migration without the disruption Riverside needed a fast bandwidth-efcient and highly automated solution that would make migration to Windows 7 a painless process. After assessing a variety of diferent options and solutions Riverside selected 1E’s Nomad Windows Software Deployment Tool. Once the roll-out began buy-in from the rest of Riverside’s staf was simple as upgrades impacted minimally on their work. Staf simply returned to their PCs to fnd a new OS installed cleanly. Just fve months after implementation there were only 3400 of 7800 computers left to migrate. W.T. Guthrie System Director Riverside Health System says: “Executive management’s buy-in focused around the costs. Labor to perform the migration would have been a one-time throw-away cost and would have been repeated for every follow-on OS upgrade. “1E can be used not only for future migrations but for numerous other functions such as software reclamation end-user software installation software deployments license management ERP integration and more. All of this repeatable functionality for about the cost of a one-time migration made choosing 1E an easy decision.” Migration that is automated cost-efcient and fast

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1E.COM 1E NOMAD Using Nomad Riverside was not only able to transform its approach to XP migration but now has a tool in place that will deliver on-going efciencies in the long term. Riverside has estimated that it will save around 23400 man-hours during its next Windows rollout alone thanks to Nomad. Reducing the cost and time of a previously lengthy and labor- intensive migration process means that Riverside’s IT staf can now focus on delivering more value to the business and end-users in other areas • Streamlined image delivery – Nomad allowed the Riverside IT team to quickly and automatically map the topology of the company’s WAN and subnets treating a complex distributed network as simple and local. Rather than deliver a single image to each computer from a central point over the WAN a time-consuming and inefcient process Riverside’s IT team could deliver just one copy to every branch to be disseminated automatically via peer-to- peer connections between the individual computers using bandwidth throttling to remove the competition between IT and business trafc. • Distribution-point servers reduced by 95 – As well as being the most time cost and bandwidth-efcient way to distribute OS upgrades this approach reduced the number of distribution-point servers required to disseminate XP by 95 and reduced network complexity • OS package delivery achieved in hours – By adopting Nomad Riverside was able to ensure drastically more efcient use of the network and other resources to deliver a fast migration. Following deployment Riverside noticed an immediate diference in terms of bandwidth availability delivery of OS packages to individual locations that previously took 4-6 days were delivered in 3-4 hours. Benefts uncovered “ We had struggled to migrate 20 of our PC landscape but with the introduction of Nomad in 2014 the number of machines we could migrate each day shot up by 33. Nomad delivered our ideal scenario - an automated low-touch approach that delivered OS upgrades quickly while minimizing disruption - allowing us to roll out machine-appropriate drivers automatically and restore every user’s individual applications and settings without afecting their work.” Kenny Covington System Analyst Riverside System

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1E.COM For more information please visit: 1E.COM/SHOPPING © Copyright 2014 1E. All rights reserved. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 1E shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Share this 1E NOMAD About 1E 1E’s suite of disruptive IT operations management tools save billions solve problems and simplify the management of large complex IT environments – in record time. Designed with a singular focus to help drive down costs 1E’s solutions include tools for IT asset management Windows systems management and BYOPC. Contact us UK HQ: +44 20 8326 3880 US: +1 866 592 4214 India: +91 120 402 4000 “ The average time to migrate a PC to a new operating system has been reduced from around three hours to 15 minutes an improvement of 91. The approach also saved man hours as rather than painstakingly migrating each machine individually IT staf could set up fve to six migrations and walk away leaving the highly-automated system to manage itself.” Chris Stephens System Analyst Riverside Health System

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