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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE www.wiproecoenergy.com Domain specific solutions for K-12 Schools Colleges Universities to monitor manage reduce energy consumption. SWITCH TO RESULTS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS:

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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Approach: The Wipro Way In order to meet and exceed customer objectives we provide Energy Management Services EMS that includes Centralized Energy Monitoring Asset Monitoring Performance Reporting and Policy Enforcement through our Platform while incremental energy savings strategies and energy intelligence are provided by our energy and statistical experts. Institutions have cut spending in key areas such as maintenance capital investment and stafng. However the results of an online survey of 800 district administrators or school board members by Education Week Research reveals that 90 of school leaders see a direct link between the quality and performance of school facilities and student achievement Wipro EcoEnergy’s Managed Energy Services for educational institutions is developed to address the challenges of skyrocketing energy costs facilities maintenance budget overruns and compliance of energy reduction targets while helping you receive net cash to be utilized as necessary to maintain highest of standards of education. We believe that energy efciency requires more technological changes beyond traditional investments in retrots. Therefore we commit to deliver sustained savings during the entire engagement period primarily through operational control - Policy and Control Strategies Deviation Management Benchmarking and Long Range Analytics. Our engagement thus helps engage customers with a right blend of conservation measures efcient asset operations which leads to substantial energy savings over a period of time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration EIA retail power prices will increase an average of 4 in 2014 the biggest jump since 2008 and prices will be 13 above this year’s level by 2020. As per Energy Star in the United States K-12 school districts spend more than 6 billion annually on energy - more than is spent on computers and textbooks combined. As much as 30 percent of a district’s total energy is used inefciently or unnecessarily. Additionally with more than 20 million post-secondary students and over 5 billion square feet of oor space the higher education sector in the United States spends an estimated 14 billion annually on energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy DOE in turn estimates that at least 25 of the 6 billion colleges and universities spend annually on energy could be saved through better energy management. Schools Colleges and Universities encompass a number of building types - from administrative space hostel oor space classrooms labs libraries athletic facilities and there are signicant energy expenses associated in operating these facilities. Energy costs are rising and as a consequence higher education institutions such as yours are implementing strategies to reduce their energy use in campus.

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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Our services provide operational insights to achieve savings and plug energy leakages by holistically meeting customer objectives and leveraging four principles: • Operations Management: We support Facility Managers and Technicians that manage site infrastructure. We provide and implement savings strategies derived from individual site data and the aggregated data through continuous monitoring of energy operations. • Price Optimization: The Platform delivers savings with Peak Load Reductions. It also focuses on prioritizing energy efciency measures based on time-of-day rates and other cost factors. • Quantity Reduction: A majority of savings are achieved by reducing the energy consumption through our innovative highly scalable EMS platform and the analytics team which identies various savings strategies. We take the responsibility to action the ndings giving certainty of savings while providing operational insights. • Regulatory Compliance: Our service offers reporting which allows educational institutions such as yours to ensure internal policy compliance monitor regulatory requirements and become a leader in energy efciency. O P Q R • Centralized visibility • Asset effciency scheduling • Energy optimization detection and inefciency control ENERGY MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES • Demand management • Support regulatory compliance services Energy Infrastructure View | Energy Cost Reduction | Centralized Energy Operations | Compliance Reporting Support Energy Management Services OPERATIONS PRICE QUANTITY REGULATORY

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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Waves of Savings Wipro EcoEnergy deploys the EMS program through an innovative wave-based savings ideology. Each wave focuses on key aspects to discover all possible energy cost savings opportunities for you. The implementation of all Energy Conservation Measures ECMs for our EMS program hinges on your existing facility teams and investments. Preparatory Phase - Involves analysis of historical energy data and other site parameters and may involve a walk-through energy assessment by our certied energy auditors to verify the data with the site-level realities. The data thus collected allows for further investigation identication of potential ECMs at a high level. Wave - 1 Provisioning Commissioning: Once the saving strategies are identied Wave-1 savings focus on operational corrections and policy and schedule standardization. Our Wave-1 savings may be achieved without the complete implementation of our Energy Management Platform. Wave - 2 Dynamic Controls: These savings strategies are identied achieved through rule-based deviation management and short-range analytics. Our Energy Management Platform continuously detects deviations through algorithms and provides you insights into energy operations. Our centralized Energy Operations Center EOC a team of energy experts and analysts ensures identication of new ECMs and meeting the energy savings targets through incident ticket management. Wave - 3 Long Range Analytics: Ensures “savings sustenance” by performing expert analytics utilizing sophisticated tools techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the deployed saving strategies and to identify new and more granular saving strategies. These energy analytics shall provide end-to-end energy cost management benets to you. Preparatory Phase Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Discovery Deployment Readiness Delivery of Savings Proling Modeling and Infrastructure Readiness Policy Schedule Standardization Controls Retro-commissioning Formulation of Monitoring Metrics Site Provisioning in Platform Deviation Problem Management Incident Management RCA Short Range Analytics Capacity Planning Scenario Analysis Asset Design Modications Suggestions Supplier Side Optimization Retro-commissioning Policy Control and Data Collection Strategies Deviation Management Advanced Analytics with Business Insights Foundation Analytics

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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Case Study Managed Energy Services for Public School System Wipro provides energy efciency services for public school systems across multiple locations in the United States. Case in point: Benets CENTRALIZED VISIBILITY REMOTE OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY AGNOSTIC DATA ANALYTICS AND STATISTICAL LOGIC FINANCIAL BENEFITS Approach Achievements • Reduction in total energy cost improved operational reliability • Provides net cash to be utilized for students • Enables uniform visibility and control across the University campus • Enables better planning allocation of resources • Integration with any open building automation controls systems • We use hardware from your existing trusted approved vendors • Continuous long range analytics conducted on energy data to further identify savings strategies • Enables deriving true value out of the OPEX or CAPEX investment into energy efciency Opportunity Description Energy Management Services across more than 3.7 Mn sq.ft. in Bibb County Georgia Energy managed service across 46 public school buildings in Georgia TCV projection for 10 years is in the range of USD 5-6 Mn starting March 2013 Energy 46 Buildings USD 5 Mn • Real-time controls monitoring optimization - RTU temp. override optimization schedule optimization economizer modes • Retrot measures - Replaced 861 nos. of 250W 165W 120W induction lamps and retrotted 81676 nos. of LED lamps • Energy savings committed during 1 st year of engagement 590000 • Energy savings achieved in just 9 months i.e. until December 2013 490000 • Additionally received rebates of 260000 from the utility provider Energy Savings Facts Energy Efciency Approach

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Wipro EcoEnergy is the energy services business division of Wipro Limited that provides intelligent sustainable solutions for energy consumption and management. Utilizing leading edge analytical tools we deliver energy-efcient solutions to our clients that help reduce their carbon footprint energy usage and recover avoidable energy losses. Our Managed Energy Services holistically address the entire spectrum of energy and sustainability providing sustained energy savings. We have created a strong local ecosystem of partners in North America Europe and APAC and have deployed our Energy Management Services for a number of companies around the world. Our clients have realized substantial energy savings and cost reduction during the course of their engagement with us. For more information please visit www.wiproecoenergy.com or write to ecoenergy.infowipro.com About Wipro EcoEnergy ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE IND/RB/SEPTEMBER2014-SEPTEMBER2015 ©WIPRO LIMITED 2015

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