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To meet the energy management challenges of bank branches, Wipro EcoEnergy offers Managed Energy Services engagement, wherein Wipro takes ownership of identifying savings opportunities, developing the best custom solution, deploying the solution and then delivering time bound savings over a 5-7 year period.


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www.wiproecoenergy.com Domain specific solutions for banks to monitor manage reduce energy consumption. SWITCH TO RESULTS IN BANKS ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE

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ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Maximizing Protability Through Energy Efciency Establishing a good control on energy usage inside a branch enables reduced equipment downtime and the resultant operational disruptions increases useful life for the equipment optimizes utility procurement etc. all of which go a long way in sustaining market leadership competitiveness and protability. Responsible banks are now setting internal targets around reducing energy intensity carbon footprint so that they make a positive environmental impact in the communities they operate in and at the same time create a positive brand impression that would appeal to an increasingly eco-friendly consumer. Energy is one of the largest components of the operating costs of a typical branch. Since there are hundreds of branch locations for even a medium size bank the cumulative annual energy spend across the branches runs into millions of dollars and can add up to 40-80 of the overall bank consumption across branches ofces and DCs. While banks have taken signicant steps to address consumption in large ofces DCs little has been done on the branch side because of complexities like: • Large geographical footprint of branches • Multiple formats operating schedules • Multiple stakeholder involvement – Landlords Procurement Team Facilities Team OEMs Service Providers etc. • Ownership issues – leased owned etc. • Unviable solutions as most energy management solutions are designed for large buildings Banking On Sustainable Growth However with rising prices that have increased on an average of 30 over the last 5 years energy costs of the branches have become an important factor that needs to be smartly managed. Increasing environmental regulation is also propelling banks to take denitive actions to reduce the energy footprint.

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Energy Savings From Current Projects Range Between 7 And 13 Full stack multi-convenience store solution consisting of Intelligent Hardware Software and Services Innovative Managed Energy Services Model for guaranteed savings Ensures sustainability of realized energy savings Ensures alignment with the existing control and data systems Best-in-class Energy Service Offerings Energy consumption pattern across the branch network differs from site to site as it is dependent on multiple factors viz. type of consumption equipment and their condition age maintenance technology etc. footfalls seasonality weather type of branch layout size orientation etc.. As a result of these complexities the energy management challenge increases manifold when energy needs to be managed across a network or chain involving hundreds of branches. Wipro EcoEnergy’s analytics-driven platform called Wipro Energy Manager WEM overcomes these complexities with lightweight architecture and a rich database of rules models and algorithms. WEM is built on a breakthrough approach called Service Window ™ . Why Wipro EcoEnergy Wipro Ecoenergy – Making Energy Work For Banks To meet the energy management challenges of bank branches Wipro EcoEnergy offers Managed Energy Services engagement wherein Wipro takes ownership of identifying savings opportunities developing the best-t custom solution deploying the solution and then delivering time bound savings over a 5-7 year period. Our banking domain expertise is the foundation of our service. We use a unique innovative energy management platform called Wipro Energy Manager WEM together with a robust analytics framework to uncover energy saving insights and ensure the sustainability of the realized savings for our clients. ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE

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Service Windows are the unique energy proles that a typical branch goes through during its daily operations. The energy proles are results of the business volume weather equipment usage etc. We believe that energy proles for each of these Service Windows Bank Setup Peak Transaction Hours Non-Peak Transaction Hours Closing Hours Non-Operational Hours would be different. These unique proles get repeated every day with a fair degree of consistency. Based on effective monitoring of energy consumption in these Service Windows it is possible to detect and plug energy deviations or leakages that occur on a day-to-day basis and this tighter control across Service Windows can lead to savings. Sunday Day Monday Wednesday Friday Tuesday Thursday Saturday ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE

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To kick-start the Managed Energy Solution engagement our team of Subject Matter Experts conducts detailed solution designing that includes: Policy Denition Energy Baselining Savings Quantication Development of Data Acquisition Architecture BOQ Central Platform Conguration for Energy Data Management Identication of Service Windows Clustering Analysis ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE

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LIGHTING Internal / External HVAC Split Ductable RTUs ADMIN Fax EPABX Security System Pantry Load Display Boards Teller Machines Xerox IT Servers / Desktops / Laptops Printers Network Equipment ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE Wipro Energy Manager Snapshot Figure 1: Snapshot of Wipro Energy Manager Application showing a site’s consumption over 30 days Figure 2: Snapshot of Wipro Energy Manager Application showing energy consumption prole of a site SITE 2 SITE 1 SITE 3 SITE 4 SITE 5 SITE 6 SITE 7 SITE 8 SITE 2 SITE 1 SITE 3 SITE 4 SITE 5 SITE 6 SITE 7 SITE 8 Figure 3: Snapshot of Wipro Energy Manager Application showing a Teller Area’s Temperature trend at a site SITE 2 SITE 1 SITE 3 SITE 4 SITE 5

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Wipro Energy Manager WEM along with the portfolio of energy services enables the banks to not just save energy but also transform the entire operations maintenance aspect of running the branch network. The WEM platform enables precise intelligence which saves man-hours which can now be focused on customer management. Value Proposition for Banks • Monitoring of key load consuming elements • Intelligent site-level target setting • Detect deviation from target energy profles • Performance reporting of the energy asset • Comparative analysis of energy assets • Warranty tracking • Service alerts • Well-defned EPIs for all relevant stakeholders • Increase awareness of energy use through timely availability of data • Align stakeholder behavior leading to savings • Easy accessibility of key data centrally • Decrease in RCA time for site issues • Immediate alarms and services alerts in case of any potential failure / downtime • Policy enforcement • Checking deviations • Increased staff productivity customer experience enhancement • Standard and customized reports and dashboards • Central view of the total energy consumption across the network enhancing productivity of operational teams while bringing tangible energy savings WEM enhances productivity of operational teams while bringing tangible energy savings. Energy Efciency Energy Asset Management Increased Accountability Energy Operating Cost Reduction Customer Comfort EHS MIS Reporting ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE

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Wipro EcoEnergy is the energy services business division of Wipro Limited that provides intelligent sustainable solutions for energy consumption and management. Utilizing leading edge analytical tools we deliver energy-effcient solutions to our clients that help reduce their carbon footprint energy usage and recover avoidable energy losses. Our Managed Energy Services holistically address the entire spectrum of energy and sustainability providing sustained energy savings. We have created a strong local ecosystem of partners in North America Europe and APAC and have deployed our Energy Management Services for a number of companies around the world. Our clients have realized substantial energy savings and cost reduction during the course of their engagement with us. For more information please visit www.wiproecoenergy.com or write to ecoenergy.infowipro.com About Wipro EcoEnergy ANALYZE. ACHIEVE. ACCELERATE IND/RB/SEPTEMBER2014-SEPTEMBER2015 ©WIPRO LIMITED 2015

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