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How to Solve the Computer Section quickly in IBPS exams? :

How to Solve the Computer Section quickly in IBPS exams ? IBPS Bank Exams is attracting lakhs of aspirants across the country. The applicants are from various mediums of education from the rural or urban localities. For those aspirants the Computer Knowledge may not be an easy subject for IBPS Exam preparation. Computer devices are common in cities but in the villages and towns they are yet to invade their houses.


Computer Awareness is new to IBPS bank exams when compared to the other sections. Considering the advent of computers in all the fields of life, a section is being dedicated to it. It tends to test the basic computer knowledge and the usage of its applications in the technical aspects of the applicants. IBPS bank exam is the cake walk for some experienced people, but it is the tough road for someone. In order to generalize the IBPS exam for both sections of aspirants, the IBPS organizes the CWE exam with the medium level of difficulty in this section. If the aspirants need some guidelines they can also opt for the IBPS Coaching Center In Chennai .


The applicants of IBPS bank exam need to focus on the Computer knowledge during IBPS exam preparation. Most of the questions seem to be easy. But only the tough questions will push you ahead of your competitors. To aid your Bank exam preparation Best Bank Exam Coaching Centers In Chennai presents the various guidance for each sections that help you to crack the bank exam easily.

Computer Hardware: :

Computer Hardware : They cover some sections like : The questions will be based on Input, output and storage devices that are related to the computer. Different parts of the computer and laptops. Applications, limitations and features of new technological devices such as rewritable disks. Window Help and Support applications.

Windows and Desktop Applications: :

Windows and Desktop Applications: This section tests your knowledge with the ease of computer usage. Desktop Icons - My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin etc. Start Menu - Programs, Search, Settings, Run Operations - Creating new files, saving them, creating copies, renaming, deleting files, cut-copy-paste, etc. Setting Changes - Wallpapers, color settings, desktop width, screensavers etc. Reference - Glossary on Windows and Computer applications

Keyword Shortcuts: :

Keyword Shortcuts: Microsoft Office Applications : This is the most stressed section in IBPS bank exams. It comprises of: MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Power Point File creation, File Editing, Data Management and Data Operations. Refer- MS Office and learn its applications practically . Keyword Shortcuts: With the knowledge in MS Office and Windows learning keyboard shortcuts is an easy task. Shortcuts like CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and commonly used keys like Backspace, Caps Lock, Enter, Delete, Esc, F1-F12 and Print Screen. Refer: Online sources  


Networking : This section comprises of: Browser- Definition, browser features (view, tabs, search bar etc.), applications of browsers (history, bookmarks) etc. E-mail- Creating, sending mails, formatting, mail management, e-mail features (cc, read-receipt, bcc), email etiquette folders and labels. Networking- types of networks, comparison with the internet and its applications. Websites - website extensions and website navigation. Social networking websites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus etc. Application based websites- Instagram, Picasa etc. Refer: Technology magazines and online sources.

Terminology: :

Terminology: Technical terms such as hibernate, fetch, reboot etc. IT sector and its new developments Refer: Glossary of computers. I acquire knowledge by referring IBPS PO Exam Coaching Classes In Chennai that provides the perfect coaching based on all these sections of the Computer Knowledge. It is the Best Institute For Bank Coaching In Chennai which provides the high class infrastructure and updated materials to crack the bank exams with flourishing colors. It’s your choice to choose the best way of learning .

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