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Self Assessment:

Self Assessment By: Bageshree Bhakta

The Capsls:

The Capsls Standard 1 - The importance of having a vision. Standard 2- High expectations for students and staff. Standard 3 – Organization = highly effective Standard 4 – Reaching out to families and communities = Support Standard 5 – Confidentiality = loyalty from staff Standard 6 – Knowing the educational legal system will enable you to be a fair administrator.

The lcas:

The lcas Two Strengths Work well with people from all cultures. Encourage new ideas, show commitment to the organization and shows consideration for. Things to work on Communicate my vision effectively to others. Help people develop their abilities.

Strengths finder inventory:

Strengths finder inventory Strengths – Competition, Restorative, Positivity, Significance and Communication Knowing my strengths will enable me to work better with my staff.

The growth plan:

The growth plan Keeping Christ in the center before making decisions almost always leads you to the right path.


586A Strengths based model vs. deficit model. My site keeps going back and forth within the two models. Our new principal is trying to move our school from the deficit model to the strengths based model. Strengths based model – Taking responsibility on what we teach and not blaming a students community, background and other uncontrollable avenues.

Exploring my strengths:

Exploring my strengths Leadership Tasks I do with ease Evaluating teachers and giving them suggestions for success. Talking with students one on one to see the problem that is halting their success . Following orders from a leader above me and having faith in what they say.

Slide 8:

Leadership Skills which I struggle with Putting too much on my plate. Finding time to read more on my career and leadership. Putting my ideas into action.

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