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A story of 49 years… 8/4/2011 IIPM


Began with just seven semi-illiterate ladies and a borrowed sum of Rs . 80 Founded in Girgaum , Mumbai on March 15 th ,1959. Expanded as cooperative A small inconspicuous function of making 4 packets of papad started History 8/4/2011 IIPM

15th March 1959 :

15 th March 1959 Seven women : Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat Parvatiben Ramdas Thodani Ujamben Narandas Kundalia Banuben. N. Tanna Laguben Amritlar Gokani Jayaben V. Vithalani and one more lady whose name is not known 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Jaswantiben Popat Was in her twenties when Lijjat was started Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (‘ Lijjat ’) was registered as a cooperative under her leadership Always believed in providing work that led to self dignity for women Received The Economic Times “Businesswoman of the Year” Award in 2002 8/4/2011 IIPM

Introduction :

Introduction Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad , popularly known as Lijjat , Indian women ’s cooperative involved in manufacturing of various fast moving consumer goods . Started in the year 1959 with a seed capital of Rs . 80 , Lijjat has an annual turnover of around Rs . 650 crore , with Rs . 29 crore in exports (As of 2010). It provides employment to around 42,000 people . Lijjat is headquartered in Mumbai and has 67 branches and 35 divisions all over India. R egistered under the KVIC Act- ( Khadi & Village Industries Commission) 8/4/2011 IIPM

Chaganbapa 1959 :

Chaganbapa 1959 borrowed Rs 80 from Chaganlal Karamsi Parekh, a member of the Servants of India Society and a social worker 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Opportunity Identification & Innovation 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Innovative…coz It’s a WOMAN’s World Lijjat Papad is about women. It provides work - and work that gives self-dignity. Only women are eligible to join or, in the organization’s parlance, to become sister-members Approximately 42,000 women work in 62 regional branches Innovative coz its tech-free The company has intentionally not introduced any kind of technology in the production of papads 8/4/2011 IIPM

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8/4/2011 IIPM Value Creation/Impact

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Monetary value creation: Year 1: Rs . 6196 Year 3: Rs . 1.82 lakhs Current figures: Rs . 300 crores ( Rs . 12 crores export) ‏ Annual profit: Rs . 7 crores approx (2004 figures) ‏ Something beyond monetary contribution… Way to integrate women with the income generation process at such a mass level Honing of skills and capabilities Reducing the patriarchal biases Unlike prior attempts, women as driver of their empowerment 8/4/2011 IIPM

Challenges :

Challenges During rainy season Space issue Legal concerns Fake papad distribution 8/4/2011 IIPM

Remedies to solve the problem of women entrepreneurs::

Remedies to solve the problem of women entrepreneurs: 1) Education & Awareness: 2) Finance Cells 3 ) Training Facilities 8/4/2011 IIPM


Objective The objective of the Institution is to provide employment to the ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified livelihood. 8/4/2011 IIPM


VISION The vision of the organization is to become women self-reliance and self confident 8/4/2011 IIPM

Mission :

Mission Shri Mahila Griha Udyog the maker of the famous LIJJAT papad is an organization which symbolises the strength of a women can become the member of the organization. 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Core values An organization of the women, for the women and by the women Pledge to ensure that all get the fruits of labour, no harm is caused to the institution and Synthesis of 3 different concepts The concept of Business Production of quality goods at reasonable prices The concept of family Mutual family affection, concern and trust The concept of Devotion ‘Work is worship’ 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Uniqueness It is primarily a cottage industry, urban in its origin.It has eventually spread to the rural areas and to the other cities and towns in several states of India Essence was to provide self employment, dignity of labor and earning capacity for women In contrast to other Indian women, the workers actually own Lijjat – collective ownership The company is a cooperative that implements Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of “self-help” and “trusteeship” 8/4/2011 IIPM

Marketing Strategies:

brand image by supplying quality products Carved out a niche for itself pace with changing market Explored new markets Identified commission agents Accounting Replicating the standard operating structure and procedures Marketing Strategies 8/4/2011 IIPM

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The Growth Membership has expanded from an initial number of 7 sisters from one building to over 42,000 sisters throughout India. The organization is wide-spread, with it's Central Office at Mumbai and it's 67 Branches and 35 Divisions in different states all over India. The venture started with Rs 80. Lijjat’s annual sales increased from Rs 6,196 in 1959 to more than Rs 3 billion in 2002, with exports itself exceeding Rs . 12 crores . 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Business is the Motto Run and perceived as a serious business, not a charity organisation . There is no place for feelings of pity, sympathy or charity among members. We also do not accept donation or charity of any kind, even if voluntarily offered. It has given clear vision of the path of progress. Maintaining proper accounts has always been on our agenda Every branch closes the account book every day 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Managing Committee at HO 8/4/2011 IIPM


Product Papad Khakra Appalam Masala Vadi Gehu Atta (Wheat flour) ‏ Bakery products Chapati SASA Detergent Powder 8/4/2011 IIPM


adopts a Cost Plus Pricing Strategy allows them to market their products extensively targeted at the middle and lower segments of society Sale of Papad amounts to about 45% of total sales of lijjat Pricing 8/4/2011 IIPM


Branches in seventeen Indian states. Well settled in Maharashtra and Gujrat . Exports accounts for Rs 100 million, merchant exports Major countries are UK, USA, Australia and European Countries. Place 8/4/2011 IIPM


Believed that best promotion will be word of mouth Concentrated more on cost effectiveness and quality Used both electronic and print media Motivation factors for distributors Promotion 8/4/2011 IIPM


packing bags are manufactured by Lijjat itself to maintain high standards and quality to prevent duplication of their product Packaging 8/4/2011 IIPM

Advertising :

brand is having the strength of “ Consistently Good Quality” as its USP. communicated its Crispness and quality through ads. ads features a Bunny ( mascot) and jingle ‘ Khurram Kharram ”. aired on specific regional channels e.g. Alpha Gujrati , Sun etc Advertising 8/4/2011 IIPM

Events and Experience:

Lijjat patrika – strong mode for communication started taking part in trade fairs and exhibitions, which improve its sales and made the brand name " Lijjat " well-known among the people sponsored programs and gave away gifts for the winners of specific shows in the television Events and Experience 8/4/2011 IIPM


Culture Lijjat Patrika , the in-house magazine no machinery is used at the production level Role in women empowerment Lijjat believes in the philosophy of sarvodaya Contribution to social service 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Jyoti J Naik Joined Lijjat in 1971 when she was 12 Storekeeper in 1973 Sanchalika in 1981 – in charge of a store having 500 sister-members + editor of Lijjat Patrika Vice President in 1989 President of the organization 8/4/2011 IIPM


Achievements the "Best Village Industries Institution" award from KVIC for the period 1998-99 to 2000-01 In 2002, the "Businesswoman of the Year“ "The Women Behind Lijjat Papad " at The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence. In 2003 the "Best Village Industry Institution. It also received the PHDCCI Brand Equity Award 2005 . 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Awards and Accolades The Economic Times Award given to the Institution for Corporate Excellence "Business Woman Of the Year" on 6th September 2002 8/4/2011 IIPM

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Awards and Accolades "Best Village Industry Institution" award from Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee 8/4/2011 IIPM

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“When the women move forward,the family moves,the village moves and the nation move” thankyou Submitted by :- Shradha Biyani 8/4/2011 IIPM

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