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KARATE CLUB The Shotokan Karate Club will provide an opportunity for students/athletes to train in Shotokan Karate and to participate in any level of competition appropriate to their age skill ability and interest. This will range from friendly local tournaments to regional and national championships. The association has always provided a situation in which both men and women of diverse racial ethnic political and Socio-economic backgrounds can work together toward mutual tolerance and respect. Shotokan Karate Club is to make a positive difference in the lives of children youth men and women and our community in general through the study of the martial arts and in particular the JKA Karate system. We care about ourselves and others to create support and maintain powerful engaged learning in the martial arts for better health fitness and wellbeing.

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IS THERE ANY AGE LIMIT TO LEARN KARATE ‘The Best Age to Start Karate ’ A common question Karate Instructors are often asked is “what is the right age to start Karate “ This is often asked by parents who are seeking to find the right activity for their child. Now a day’s many children in most Martial Arts start around 3 years of age. The best age to start learning martial arts depends on the parents. If they want that their kids should learn karate from the young age only. Is KARATE Good For Kids….

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Karate mainly focuses on striking and blocking. Many parents believe the benefits of karate more than just physical for their kids. They say karate can help to improve kids self-control attention and other executive functioning skills. Karate practitioners strive for harmony but also learn effective and often devastating self-defense techniques. Children who get involved in karate they have many benefits in several areas of life. Self Defense The ability to defend yourself against an assailant is an empowering feeling. Most martial arts use self defence as a cornerstone of the entire program. The precise methods will vary from discipline to discipline but you can be certain that with regular practice your child will learn to defend himself in a variety of different ways. Self Discipline Karate help instil mental focus in your child giving her the ability to concentrate on a task and see it through to its conclusion. Self-Confidence and Respect Karate teaches self-confidence and respect not only for yourself but for others including an opponent. A child who is involved in Karate is generally a child who is confident in herself Leadership skills Your child will learn self-leadership as well as how to lead others as your child advances in his or her belts. physical Fitness

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TEEN KARATE Karate is a stand-up martial art that involves punches kicks and open hands to block strikes. Here are a few of the physical and mental - health benefits: • Improved muscle strength • Better balance • Enhanced flexibility • Improved cognitive function • Higher self discipline • More self-respect • Better self-awareness

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No Age Limit Staying active is important to people in their 50’s 60’s or even 70’s. The body starts to weaken during these years especially when seniors get trapped into the sedentary lifestyle. As we age our bodies become brittle. The importance of daily activity cannot be more emphasized by this fact. It is vital to consider engaging in activities that will keep us as active as our bodies will allow ensuring that we stay healthy and physically fit to avoid any future illness that is could prevent us from living a higher quality of life in our later years. During a time in their lives when they become free from the pressures of the daily grind as they enter the retirement stage seniors must focus on health now more than ever. Of course physical limitations and health considerations need to be addressed before engaging in this type of activity. But the beauty of martial arts or Karate is that it is for everyone no matter the age and can be tailor-made to suit anyone of any fitness level.

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CONTACT US Shotokan Karate Club an internationally known organization was established in Dubai UAE in 2011. Our organization is member of Japan Karate Association Tokyo Japan. Approved by UAE Ministry of Youth and Sports UAE Karate Federation. We aim to deliver our promise and provide the best karate training in Dubai. SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB HQ AHLI HOUSE-C 2 ND FLOOR203 AMMAN STREET AL NAHDA-2 AL QUSAIS DUBAI UAE Phone: 04 2383699 Mobile: 052 9564449 Email: infoshotokankarateme.com SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB BRANCH HADI PLAZA BUILDING2 ND FLOOR207 NEXT TO IBIS HOTEL AL RIGGA DEIRA DUBAI UAE Phone: 04 2566652 Mobile: 055 5549452 Email: infoshotokankarateme.com

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