Saving the Earth and Raising Money With Reusable Shopping Bags

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Saving the Earth and Raising Money With Reusable Shopping Bags Reusable Shopping Bags are the Future Its in the news every day we are destroying the planet and "something" has to be done and now We hear the stories about global warming and deforestation and another oil spill and it all seems so far away that we ask ourselves "but what can I really do" One of the very easiest ways to make a monster impact on the environment is to reduce the number of plastic bags we use. My site shopping bags Why Plastic Shopping Bags are Terrible Plastic shopping bags are one of the biggest causes of pollution on planet earth. Literally BILLIONS of plastic bags are discarded every year. Estimates as to the exact number of plastic bags manufactured worldwide vary but the general consensus is

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that 500 billion plastic shopping bags are made every year. That equates to more than 1000000 bags being used every minute of every day of every year which is pretty astonishing. Bringing that news closer to home the United States not surprisingly is the largest consumer of plastic shopping bags in the world. We run through more than 100 million bags every year. The manufacture of just the bags used in America consumes 12000000 barrels of oil. The Positive Effects of Reusable Shopping Bags So whats the answer The easiest thing to do is to cut back on the number of plastic bags you use. And the easiest way to accomplish that is to purchase a couple of reusable shopping bags. You can almost instantaneously and completely eliminate your dependence on plastic shopping bags. Reusable shopping bags come in a wide variety. From the low end where bags made of manufactured materials can cost as little as 0.99 to high- end designer shopping bags that cost hundreds of dollars. Personally I like the cheap bags that fold up and can be easily carried in a purse or a glove box. These can usually be had for five or six dollars. I am also a big fan of monogrammed heavy duty canvas bags. These bags are bigger and with their cute designs often double as fashion accessories.

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