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Hybrid Mattresses: The Comfort of a Foam Mattress or Latex and Innerspring Mattresses A good night’s sleep is very essential after a whole day’s work to get a fresh feel for the next day. For this the basic need is a good ​mattress which provides restful sleep by alleviating body pain or pressure points. Sleep technology has improved greatly and hence a wide variety of mattresses are available. The most common ones being innerspring foam latex and hybrid. Hybrid mattresses which are mostly preferred by couples give the benefits of both foam or latex and innerspring. The following are brief descriptions of the most common types of mattresses available in the market: Memory Foam Mattress Memory Foam Mattress was founded by NASA in the 1970s. A memory foam mattress disperses weight evenly over the surface and conforms to the curves of the body. It keeps the sleeper warm. It has an extra cushioning effect and hence it is ideal for side sleepers and people who are undergoing pain or who need extra softness. It also resists bacteria and allergens. Latex Mattress Latex Mattress is made up of natural rubber. It doesn’t sink much like memory foam and gives more bouncing effect. It also offers pressure relief. It’s not good for people with allergies to latex substances. Innerspring Mattress Innerspring Mattress is the oldest form of a mattress but it has been now modernized and upgraded to provide more comfort. It provides good support to the sleeper as its made of a steel coil support system. These coils are then covered with pad or upholstery for comfort and support. These types of mattresses are exposed to allergens and bugs over time.

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Hybrid Mattress Hybrid Mattress is the combination of the sophisticated memory foam technology with an advanced innerspring core. That is at least 1.5 to 2 inches of memory foam or latex is given in comfortable layers which offers body contouring while underneath the foam or latex. Coil base layer and pocket coil base layers are provided in such a way that it also gives a good bouncing effect targeted pressure relief and strong support. Hence altogether it gives excellent support and comfort which means it offers a great sleeping sensation to the sleeper. It allows you to sleep cooler than other beds. These types of mattresses are also resistant to allergens and bugs. Though hybrid mattress has many advantages it also has some disadvantages such as high cost and off-gassing. More about Hybrid Mattresses Sleeping positions and habits of the sleeper also need to be considered while choosing the right hybrid mattress. A side sleeper would need the primary pressure points adequately supported. Even though memory foam or latex designs are particularly good for side sleepers some hybrid mattress models also offer extra padding to provide an additional layer of comfort and relief to your joints. Back sleepers will need a firm mattress to support the spine. Hence a good option for them would be to choose a hybrid mattress with a high firmness rating. Stomach sleepers also will need a firm hybrid mattress. The hybrid mattress is now very popular among couples because of the following reasons: ● Hybrid mattress accommodates almost all sleep preferences or positions and habits. ● It has better temperature regulation capability. ● It is responsive as per the need but also provides motion isolation as it absorbs or minimizes the effect of movement of a person thus the other person’s sleep is also not disturbed. Gamble Home Furnishing offers a wide choice of best-branded mattresses that match each person’s budget style quality and comfort. Visit Gamble Home Furnishing now Share this article with your relatives and friends Click on the link to know more about Gamble Home ​

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