Shop Fitters Skills – What Makes a Good Shop fitting company

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If you are going to work with a shopfitter, then it will do you good to understand the general skills a good shop fitting company will have.


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Shop Fitters Skills – What Makes a Good Shop fitting company If you are going to work with a shopfitter then it will do you good to understand the general skills a good shop fitting company will have. The largest aspect of shop fitting is project management. This comprises of three main areas deliverables the budget and a timescale. The deliverables – usually made up of a specification which details exactly what work needs to be carried out. This should be as specific as possible detailing each phase of the shop fitting process in durban. The budget – speaks for itself This specifies how much each aspect of the shop fitting company will cost. Ideally broken down to show shopfitter labour material costs shop display fittings cost etc. The timescale – specifies the duration of each phase and the completion date. The entire shopfitter process will be a compromise on each of these. Design – CAD design allowing you to visualize the layout of your shop early on with your shopfitter. Planning and designing the shop layout early prevents expensive shop alterations later.

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Joinery – nearly all shopfitters will have skilled joiners and a joinery as part of their work shop. Either to manufacture bespoke furniture shop display units and shop counters or to fit equipment in the shop. Metal work – used in a similar fashion as the joinery only in metal. For example specialist staircases within shops. Signage – it is important that the shopfitter has the capability to produce good quality signage for your shopfront. This is what will draw passing customers in so it should be good Security – the nature of your shop will dictate the amount of resources you will dedicate to security. If you have a jewelry shop then you’ll need a secure shopfront. If your shop sells vegetables then shop security will be less of a priority. Maintenance – a lot of shopfitters will also carry out maintenance works both internally and to the exterior of your shop. you should keep on top of this. A poorly maintained shop looks tatty and small maintenance works when left develop in large maintenance works which will cost you more Shop fittings – your shopfitter will be able to fit any shop fittings you have. They may also be able to purchase them for you. Sometimes shopfitters have deals setup with display shop fittings companies which allow them to purchase at reduced prices. These are the core trades and skills that are utilised by shopfitters. As you go into more specialist types of shops then of course more skills are required You’ll also find lots of useful information on shopfitters and how they operate. We provide a service which allows you to request a quote from a shop fitting company. Oh and it’s free to use Shop Fitting Durban Shop 19a Umhlanga Centre 189 Ridge Road Durban - 4319 0318135916

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