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all about deforestation in india and problems


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Wel come to my presentation on : 

Wel come to my presentation on Deforestation

Deforestation- A Curse on Earth : 

Deforestation- A Curse on Earth Deforestation in simple words “disappearance of forest”. Process began centuries ago but now on the rage……. There is a large diversity of forest on earth ,one can find different species of plants in one forest patch. A lot of this diversity is disappearing. About 13.9 million square mile was cleared for industrial purpose in 1885. which is about 5% of earth’s area. Can any one of you answer me why is this happening?????? The root cause of all these is deforestation…

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India the place where we would find a large diversity of plants. Deforestation is on high rates in india. An investigation by the Ministry of Environment and Forest has found that more than 70,000 were felled in the Sai Upwan, the only forest in Ghaziabad. The other major causes of deforestation was agricultural expansion,new policies and programmes of development; rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and growing consumerism that have resulted in the widescale destruction of the forests. Forests are also cut down in order to clear land for growing crops& aslo for grazing of cattles. Trees are cut down in india to be used as firewood or turned into charcoal, which are used for cooking purposes. Other causes of deforestation are: clearing forests for oil and mining exploitation; to make highways and roads; slash and burn farming techniques; wildfires; and acid rain India and deforestation

Trees are friendly to us. : 

Trees are friendly to us. We get valuable things from trees We all cut down the trees for different purposes such as fuel,wood & many more. Trees pile is used as sleepers in railways,about 2000 sleepers are used in laying of 1 mile of rail track. We get our food from plant life. Trees are used for timber production. Trees for production of tools&transport. Trees for production of useful good in industry. Trees for obtention of medicines and natural remedies. Trees are used for production of charcoal. We get oxygen from trees. We get our environment cool by trees.

Harmful effects of deforestation. : 

Harmful effects of deforestation. Erosion of Soil: When forest areas are cleared, it results in exposing the soil to the sun, making it very dry and eventually, infertile, due to volatile nutrients such as nitrogen being lost. Disruption of the Water Cycle: Trees contribute in a large way in maintaining the water cycle. Loss of Biodiversity: The unique biodiversity of various geographical areas is being lost on a scale that is quite unprecedented Flooding and Drought: One of the vital functions of forests is to absorb and store great amounts of water quickly when there are heavy rains. Climate Change: It is well known that global warming is being caused largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere Deforestation causes less rain fall. Drought are now adays became a regular feature.

Deforestation Rate measures in world. : 

Deforestation Rate measures in world.

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Deforestation rate in india. Deforested places in india.

How to overcome deforestation. : 

How to overcome deforestation. Cutting of trees must be slowed down as far as possible. Sincere concern must be brought by the authorities. Public awareness camp concentrating on the uses of trees and their role on earth. Afforestation plans and camps must be held evry where. Planting more and more number of trees on every inch of available land.

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Now what we are waiting for …… lets promise to lower down the rate of cutting trees and higher the rate of plantation in our environment This is our earth and our environment no one from the universe will come to save it. So, dear friends its our responsibility to save our earth by planting more & more number of trees. So, what we are looking for????? Lets start the good job from now. Thanking you,

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