Alternative History

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it's a senario of what if something else happened in history


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Alternative History:

Alternative History Neil M. Per:1

What would happen if Germany won WWII:

What would happen if Germany won WWII All the Jews would have become extinct. Evidence: Adolf Hitler thought Jews cause big problems in Germany and the Nazi killed millions of them until Germany lost the war.

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United States would have became a pure Nazi nation. Evidence: Germany had lots of Nazis

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Japan and Germany would fight each other which would led to another war which would eventually destroy the whole world. Evidence: They both want to take over the world. They invented Hydrogen bomb which is ten times more powerful than the atomic bomb.

What would today would be like if Germany won WWII:

What would today would be like if Germany won WWII The statue of liberty would look like Hitler raising his arm. United States would be under control by a dictator. Lot of people would become rebellious in the United States and they would do violent protests.

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