Coordinating Conjunctions

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Coordinating Conjunctions

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The short, simple conjunctions are called " coordinating conjunctions " F A N B O Y S

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And He lives in Abu Dhabi, and he studies at ZU .

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But Amera is Emirates, but Elyazi is Oman.

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Or I could cook some supper , or we could order a pizza.

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So She was sick, so she went to the doctor.

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And , But , Or , So 1 . Maria tried to read a novel in French, It was too difficult . 2 . To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, you can ride the ferry. 3 . I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD, the shop didn't have it. 4 . Anna needed some money, she took a part-time job. 5 . Julie has a guitar, she plays it really well. Complete the sentences by choosing the best coordinating conjunction for each space. but or but so and

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For He couldn’t go home, for he had no place to go .

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Yet She owned a car, yet she didn’t know how to drive it .

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N or He didn’t want help, and did he ask for it .

There are three things to remember when using coordinating conjunctions:

There are three things to remember when using coordinating conjunctions Coordinating conjunctions join independent clauses . Each clause must be a “complete thought” which could be a sentence on its own . With coordinating conjunctions, put the conjunction in the middle . You may see some sentences starting with “but” or “and”, but this is usually wrong, so it's best to avoid it . With coordinating conjunctions, use a comma unless both clauses are very short.

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