Genius Home Storage Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Presentation Description Storage can be created in a variety of ways to maximize limited space. From multi-purpose furniture to using items in new ways, the opportunities are endless.


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Endless opportunities exist to build new storage or to use ordinary items in unexpected ways to create extra storage. Utilizing the right tips and tools can reveal significant space in a home.


The bedroom is often the room with the greatest need for maximum storage but is usually limited to a closet and dressers. Add height to your bed with risers for extra room to store containers and boxes underneath. Alternatively, purchase or build a bed frame with built-in shelves or drawers.


Save jewelry boxes of various sizes to create divided storage for pens and pencils, make-up, flatware, batteries, or whatever else clutters a drawer. Another option is to use fancier jewelry boxes in plain sight to store various items and eliminate the dreaded junk drawer entirely.


In addition to serving as extra seating or a foot rest, an ottoman can provide extra storage. Versions with under-lid storage can neatly stash blankets, pillows, board games, or books. Ottomans come in a variety of sizes and can be upholstered to match a room’s décor—a very stealthy storage solution, indeed.


Hang necklaces and bracelets on a wall-mounted coat rack. Not only will they be easily accessible, but they’ll stay tangle-free. Alternatively, mount corkboard on a wall and drape jewelry from straight pins. This version of storing pretty items in plain sight works as part of the room’s décor.


Use an adaptable pegboard to organize a garage. The board will keep items like sports equipment, tools, and safety gear tidy. The size of the holes directly impacts the weight the hooks can hold. A recommended hole size is 1/4-inch because it holds a solid amount of weight. Items will be stored off the floor and easy to find.


Plastic containers and lids are a difficult kitchen item to stack and store. A metal CD rack is great at keeping lids upright and easily seen. Larger lids should be towards the back and smaller lids in the front so they’re in easy view.


Shoe organizers, both hanging and standalone, can be used in countless ways. Options include using them in a laundry room for cleaning supplies, in a garage for spray paint or tools, a kids’ room for toys, or in a closet for scarves, socks, and shoes. Hanging organizers take up unused door space instead of limited closet and cupboard space and their versatility makes them a smart choice overall.


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