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Presentation Description Moving in after marriage can require a significant amount of adjustment. You should always plan ahead while keeping the lines of communication open to make navigating your new roles as partners who live together smoother.


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Moving Tips For Newlyweds:

Moving Tips For Newlyweds


Moving to a new location together after your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Combining households involves everything from deciding what to do with your duplicate belongings to settling on décor. Planning ahead with careful consideration of major challenges can make the process run more smoothly. Decisions, Decisions


Talk Money Upfront It is important to determine who pays for what prior to signing a lease or putting forth a down payment on a home. A rent or mortgage is only part of the equation as there is also cable, internet, utilities, water, and more. If these decisions are clearly made up front, there is less room for arguments and headaches later.


Dispose of Unwanted Items It is unlikely that everything in your respective homes will end up in your new home. Both partners should list items that they don’t want in their new home and compare the results. It is also important to reduce clutter beforehand. Get inspired to rid yourself of unnecessary paperwork, books, furniture, clothes, etc., before packing so you have less to bring along.


Share the Moving Tasks Cooperate with each other as you pack and unpack items. It is important to remain calm and polite since disagreements on where to put belongings can create tension. Keep in mind this situation will require give and take.


Define Cleaning Tasks Each of you will likely have different expectations with regards to cleanliness and you may also prefer certain chores over others. Since you are both responsible for a shared space, it should be made clear how much cleaning and with what frequency will keep both of you satisfied.


Create Individual Spaces Everyone needs alone time and personal space. This is normal and shouldn’t be offending to either partner. Make sure to create a space where you each can go individually to unwind all alone.


Appreciate Each Other The opportunity to express appreciation for each other should be taken advantage of daily. Whether this is physical affection, like a hug, or a simple “thank you,” it is important to show love and appreciation for all your partner does.


Plan in Advance Generally speaking, it is important to plan in advance. Once you have an idea of how big the move will be you can request professional movers to make the transition easier. The more you plan ahead the less stress you’ll feel.


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