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Summary A new year a new home – let moving day be an exciting time not a stressful one Here are tips to help your family easily find movers and remember important items on the day of your big move.

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Sort Organize • If you have plans to move this year you’ll need to start organizing – 4 to 8 weeks in advance is preferable. • De-clutter and toss anything that won’t make it to the new home – you’d be surprised what accumulates over the years • During these early stages also be sure to set aside extra cash for home improvements or other items needed to make your current home look as best as possible for potential buyers.

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Research recently listed 10 housing markets that are expected to experience the fastest sales growth in 2015. See below for predictions for expected growth in the New Year: 1 • Denver CO: +14 • Atlanta GA: +11 • Phoenix AX: +11 • Washington DC: +10 • Minneapolis MN: +9 • Des Moines IA: +9 • Dallas TX: +7 • Los Angeles CA: +6 • Houston TX: +5 • San Jose CA: +3

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Take the Plunge •Your budget: This seems like a no-brainer but don’t buy outside of your means. If the housing crisis taught anything it is that prices and values can fluctuate dramatically. What seems attainable now could change in the future and put you in a difficult spot. •School system ratings: If your family is moving with children you will want to pay particular attention to the quality and availability of educational opportunities. Ask about school amenities private schools and community involvement in addition to reading reviews and reports. •New homes are not always best: Consider that a lived-in home may also be a maintained home and has provided the previous owner with many years of happiness. •Appearances can be deceiving: Sometimes you’re better off buying a house that needs a little work or redecorating. You can get better deals if you’re able to take on some work—just make sure you’re prepared for what you are taking on. After determining the locations you’re interested in and how they may fit in with the needs of your family it’s time to buy When selecting a new home be sure to keep the following in mind:

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Order Supplies • Now that you’ve gone into contract on your new home it’s time to get ready for moving day. • Remember to choose the right boxes for your belongings taking box construction or materials like cardboard into account weight limitations and other factors like dimensions. • You can try reusing old boxes— especially for non-fragile items—but consider purchasing specialty boxes for unique or oddly-shaped items such as lamps or artwork.

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Deep Cleaning • Once you’re packed it’s time to get everything in shape pass on to the new owners. • Remember that a clean home on closing day is often required as part of the sales process. • Some realtors may arrange for a cleaning crew but be prepared with your own just in case. • Make sure everything is cleaned properly and signed off on so you won’t be held responsible for any issues down the road.

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Choose Your Movers As you find yourself approaching the end of the sales process you’ll need to nail down your moving company. Not all moving companies are created equal and you need to choose the moving company that’s right for you. Consider these helpful tips: •Call around for estimates that match your budget. •Make sure the mover is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. •Check for any unsatisfactory claims with the Better Business Bureau. •Lookout for red flags like unanswered phone calls or required cash deposits.

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Plan Your Payment Almost as important as finding the right mover is making sure you’re prepared for the bill. Here are some common moving company expenses so you’re not surprised when moving day comes: •Ask if moving fees include fuel tolls and labor charges. •Ask whether you will get a flat or hourly rate. •Determine if any specialty items will cost more to move. •Look into the cost of insuring valuable items – you can never be too careful

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Prepare for Moving Day Almost there Don’t forget a few last-minute items: •Pack a suitcase of personal belongings to hold you over between moving and unpacking. •Refill any prescriptions and keep a first aid kit accessible. •Forward mail to your new address. •Notify important contacts including doctors and clients of your change of address.

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About Shleppers Shleppers Moving Storage was founded in NYC in 1978. Since then they have expanded to 6 locations: Los Angeles California New Jersey Rockland Westchester New York City Miami Florida. With high standards and dedication to customer satisfaction Shleppers is one of the leading moving companies in New York serving families prestigious companies and notable celebrities. To learn more call 800 769-9337 or visit

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