Security Precautions To Take in Your New Home


Presentation Description | An alarm system is only part of a comprehensive approach to keeping your new home secure. Posting security system signs, being mindful of your social media updates, and choosing the right doors and locks are all smart ways to keep your home safe.


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It’s no longer a matter of which neighborhood you move to or what valuables may be available in your home. Security is becoming more important for protecting homes and families in all types of neighborhoods. Today the average middle-class family owns items that were considered a luxury in the past. The people you let into your home from the moving company that transports your belongings to the company that installs your security system should always be licensed/bonded and have excellent credentials.

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Unless a burglar knows that you have an alarm it isn’t likely to deter them from making your home a target. To make the most of your alarm system follow the steps below. Put signs provided by the security company on your front lawn where they can be easily seen. They may not add to the curb appeal but they will let everyone know that your home is protected. Put stickers on every window letting burglars know that opening a window is going to set off an alarm.

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Everyone uses social media these days to keep their friends and family updated on their activities. Unfortunately social media also provides burglars with information they can use to rob you while you are away. Don’t update your status on Facebook to let your friends know when and where you will be going. Save the pictures until you are safely back at home. Even if you don’t tell friends where you are those pictures are a dead giveaway that you aren’t in your own backyard.

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When moving into a home where there have been previous tenants always change the locks. You never know who may still have a spare key. Keyed-alike locks let you use a single key to access every entry way in your home. Deadbolt locks are a good choice for entryways as they cannot be “jimmied” open. Never leave a key hidden outdoors where burglars will know to look. Leave an extra key with someone you trust or install a keypad lock that doesn’t require a key to enter.

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Burglars often rely on the cover of darkness to keep them from getting caught. Take away their security by adding light to areas where they might enter. Light every side of the home to protect from entry through windows. Use bright lights to illuminate your front and backyard so that your house isn’t shrouded in darkness. Hook lights up to a motion detector that will save on energy and draw attention to anyone nearing your home.

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Once the burglar makes it to the door you need more than a good lock to stop him. Solid wood or steel doors make the best barriers. Use large heavy strike plates and large screws to secure the door in place. The less glass in the door the better. Also avoid having panels of glass in the wall beside the door handle.

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Never open your door to anyone you don’t know. Check credentials for service people and insist on confirmation from the company they represent if you aren’t expecting them. Pay the extra money for an insured contractor plumber etc. Never hire a handy man without credentials.

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If you don’t have a garage where you can keep your vehicle park it in an area that is well-lit. Don’t leave valuable items inside the vehicle that might entice burglars. Always lock your vehicle and take the keys even if it is parked in your driveway. Even the least valuable car may be broken into if the burglar thinks that the keys to your home are dangling from the ignition.

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SUMMARY An alarm system is only part of a comprehensive approach to keeping your new home secure. Posting security system signs being mindful of your social media updates and choosing the right doors and locks are all smart ways to keep your home safe.

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