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Victorious Digital is the one Of the Best #Training #Institute of #digital #marketing in Pune.


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VICTORIOUS DIGITAL Digital marketing institute in Pune 🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in What is Marketing? Promotion of Our Product, Brand, Services is simply called as Marketing. Marketing is the process of teaching consumers. why they should choose your product or service over your competitors.


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Why is marketing needed ? Marketing Helps in Transfer, Exchange and Movement of Goods Marketing Is Helpful In Raising And Maintaining The Standard Of Living Of The Community Marketing Creates Employment Marketing as a Source of Income and Revenue Marketing Acts as a Basis for Making Decisions Marketing Acts as a Source of New Ideas Marketing Is Helpful In Development Of An Economy


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in T raditional marketing Includes Television. Newspaper. Radio. Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways. Ads in related weekly magazines.


What is Digital Marketing ? 🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Digital marketing, the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media, differs from traditional marketing in that it uses channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time.


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in People depend on web for the following: For information of new products or brand in the market To find answers for their questions For help in certain situations To find information of people For shopping To find routes For studies And many more reasons...


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Factors Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing Reach Limited Global Audience Non-targeted Targeted Costing Expensive Not Expensive ROI No Guaranteed Guaranteed Results No real time results Real time results


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Component of Digital Marketing Web designing Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click Social Media Marketing E-mail Marketing Display Advertisements Content Marketing Web Analytics and Reporting Mobile Marketing


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in What can one Gain from right Digital Marketing Strategy? Reach the targeted audience To keep the audience engaged To motivate the audience To gain profit from online campaigns To increase Return of Investments


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Career Opportunities Through Digital Marketing


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Take your first step in Digital Marketing


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Who we are? Victorious Digital is a Digital Marketing institute established in 2015 with a vision to help students leverage the knowledge of digital media. We strongly believe that internet is not only the present of businesses but might become mandate in future being one of the best career options for everyone. Our experience has taught us that you learn digital marketing once but keep improving its implementation with experience. Digital marketing is an ever evolving marketing strategy in which new trends keep on arriving. Our Victorious Digital team has years of experience strives to be updated with every new trend buzzing in the market.


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Courses Includes


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Why Victorious Digital? Complete practical training for every module of digital marketing from the industry experts along with theory. Variable batch timings are available so that every candidate can attend the classes according to their convenience. Most affordable fees compared current market for 8 certifications covered under one course. Back-up classes as well as doubt clearing session for students who miss out any class or have doubts in any topic. Assured internship in provided with certification as well as eligible students are given a chance to work on live projects. With tie-ups with best companies in the industry, we strive place our students and keep on updating with current openings. A friendly and cooperative staff of industry experts and teachers give their 100% to help students in every case. Even after the course completion, if the students have doubts, they can come anytime and attend the necessary sessions.


🌐 https://www.victoriousdigital.in Contact Us Postal Address: Shivaji Nagar, JM Road, Above Panchali Hotel, 3rd Floor, Office No – 310 Phone: 9545022110 Skype: V ictorious D igital Email: victoriousdigital2015@gmail.com Web: victoriousdigital.in

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