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General office chairs are used for junior employees and Executive chairs are used for senior employees. Therefore, General office chairs and Executive chairs are used for office purposes. Both chairs help to create a relaxing and comfortable working environment and reduce the potential for a workplace injury like pain and loss of flexibility in the neck, arms, and back. The main differences between a General and an Executive Office Chair, an Executive Chair is of a higher specification than a General Chair, the Executive chair is necessarily better than a General chair. Vj Interior offers a wide range of office chairs like executive office chairs, mesh office chairs, workstation chairs, Visitor chairs, waiting area chairs. VJ INTERIOR PRIVATE LIMITED is a most significant and leading Office Furniture designing & manufacturing company and stands for the design expertise & best comfort. And we are here to help you choose the most suitable office furniture. CONTACT US Address: 2/85, WHS, Main Road Kirti Nagar, Furniture Market, New Delhi - 110015 Phone Number: +91 987-326-5676, 801 029 2106 Email:


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General Office Chair VS Executive Office Chair +91 987-326-5676

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General Office chairs General office chair that type of chair which is designed for use at a desk in an. office and It is generally a rotate chair with a set of wheels for movability and adjustable height. It helps to create a relaxing and comfortable working environment general office chairs provide encourage the best concentration and efficiency. +91 987-326-5676

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General office chairs are helpful in various way ● It helps to reduce the potential for a workplace injury like pain and loss of flexibility in the neck arms and back. ● It helps to enhance employee productivity such as harnessing the power of office chairs can help a business increase the potential for profit. ● It helps to boost employee morale. +91 987-326-5676

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Executive Office Chair Executive chairs generally include more formal looking design touches with leather and faux-leather. It has armrests and a higher back that provides comfortable support to the entire upper body. Executive chairs are made for more prolonged static use therefore it is costly. Executive office chairs will enhance the look of any workspace With an exclusive luxury touch. +91 987-326-5676

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Executive office chairs are helpful in a various way ● More comfortable for help to reduce the risk of aches pains and long-term health problems. ● Help to reduce the need for replacement - these are top quality chairs with the extremely decent build quality and generous guarantees. +91 987-326-5676

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Difference between General Office Chair and Executive Office Chair Here are some differences between General Office Chair and Executive office chair. 1. General office chairs have less adjustable features but Executive Office chairs have more adjustable features. 2. General chairs are more compact in comparison of Executive chairs. 3. General chairs are easier to maneuver than Executive chairs. 4. General chairs are developed for prolonged slightly mobile use with rolling from one area of a desk to another or across to a printer behind you and +91 987-326-5676

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Conclusion Similar to the Office chair and Executive chair the office includes various types of chairs like Workstation chairs Visitor chair Mesh office chair Waiting area chair that help to office employees or others. Normally the office worker spends a huge amount of time sitting behind a computer desk. That’s why it’s so essential for employees to have a chair that reflects the body’s natural mechanics and promotes actual posture. Preferring the best chairs for your office space should be thought of as an investment not only for the health of your employees but for the benefit of the company.

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Contact Us Address: 2/85 WHS Main Road Kirti Nagar Furniture Market New Delhi - 110015 Phone Number: +91 987-326-5676 801 029 2106 Email:

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