Different ways to insert sound in PowerPoint

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Find out two ways to insert sound in a PowerPoint: embedded or linked.


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Different ways to insert sound in PowerPoint:

Different ways to insert sound in PowerPoint

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The main difference between embedded and linked files is the way they are stored and how they are updated after they are put in a PowerPoint. There are two ways to insert music in slides, either they are embedded or linked. Embedded Media Linked Media

Define an embedded file:

Define an embedded file An embedded audio file can be inserted into a PowerPoint directly. It is stored within the presentation and it doesn’t change if its source file is edited or updated. As this file is contained in a PowerPoint, it plays on other computers or on the web.

Define a linked file:

Define a linked file When your PowerPoint contains linked audio or video files, your presentation plays audio or video from the linked location of the file. If the same PowerPoint with a linked file is played on some other machine, PowerPoint tries to locate and play audio or video from the linked path. The file fails to play as there is no such file at the path specified on a new machine.

When are files embedded?:

When are files embedded ?

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Embed audio in PowerPoint when your files are under 100 KB and are .WAV files only .

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1 2 3 Scroll Down Set this value to 50000 You can embed .WAV files that are up to 50000 KB. However, this may slow down the performance of a PowerPoint.

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The files can be embedded when you want them to be contained within the PowerPoint rather than linked.

When are files linked?:

When are files linked?

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Audio more than 50000 KB will always be linked.

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1. The media files are linked when you plan to change or update the source files on your computer. 2. To package a presentation to CD or to a different folder or computer, the media files are linked. 3. Audio/video files are linked when you want to keep a presentation only on your system.

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Clear understanding of the difference between embedded and linked media enable you to make the best use of the sound files

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