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Slide 2: 

Creation of structural relationships among different departments, people & other resources to achieve the objectives. Formal relationship among the people is important for the success of organization. Combine & coordinate the efforts of persons in efficient manner

Proper relations in terms of Authority & Responsibility : 

Proper relations in terms of Authority & Responsibility LINE ORGANIZATION LINE & STAFF ORGANIZATION

LINE ORGANIZATION ( scalar / military) : 

LINE ORGANIZATION ( scalar / military) Oldest & simplest form of O.S. Line of authority flows vertically from the topmost executive to the lowest subordinate throughout the enterprise. Authority is maximum at the top & reduces at each successive level down the organization.

Slide 5: 

Is created by the functional differentiation of the primary functions such as production & marketing.. All persons in the organization are in the direct chain of command of these two functions.. Personnel function is not independently organized.

Slide 6: 

Unity of command exists in the line organization. Authority relationships are quite clear. Strict discipline exists in the enterprise. Rigid structure – not flexible.

Slide 7: 

Forces the line executives in their individual fields to perform additional duties requiring special knowledge, which he may not be having. Executive is dependant on his own abilities only. No help of specialized staff aid. Emphasis is on vertical relationship . Clear lines of accountability. Who reports to whom is clear.

LINE Manager’s HR Management Responsibilities : 

Place right person on the right job. Orientation – starting a new employee on the job. Training the employees for jobs new to them, improving their performance. Getting cooperation & developing cordial working relationship. Maintain discipline & morale of employees. LINE Manager’s HR Management Responsibilities

Slide 9: 

Line refers to those positions & elements of orgn which have the responsibility & authority. Are accountable for certain tasks… Staff elements have the responsibility & authority for providing advice & service to line in attainment of objectives…


Evolved in order to achieve the benefits of both, line structure as well as expert advice. O.S. is same as that of Line organization. Staff officers are functional experts; engaged to advice line officers to perform their duties outside their fields for which they are not suited. Staff officers give aid to each department head. LINE & STAFF ORGANIZATION

Slide 11: 

Used by most business enterprises, expect very small ones. Expert advice is needed in most of the problems of management. So, line & staff structure gained a lot of popularity. eg. H.R. department is considered as a staff function to advise all other departments on personnel matters. Similarly accounts, Law, Finance department may be set up to advise on related problems.

Problems: : 

Problems: Difficulty created by line & staff structure because of conflict between line & staff executives. Conflicts occur when the staff officers issue instructions, opposite to those of line managers. Resolved by a proper understanding of line & staff concepts. Orgn should lay down the authority of line & staff executives clearly..

THUS………… : 

THUS………… Line & staff structure is more suitable than a line organization : because of need of expert advice up to date information both exist with the help of each other...

Slide 14: 

Refers to positions which have the responsibility of achieving the primary objectives of the orgn. No experts to assist & advice them. Strict discipline. No friction b/w line & staff. No planned specialization. Line executives may become key men, as they occupy top positions.. Refers to positions which have the responsibility for providing advice & service to the line to attain orgn objectives. Experts known as staff to assist & advice line officials. Loose discipline. Risk of friction b/w line & staff people. Based on planned specialization Staff share credit with line officials. Line Organization Staff Organization

Position & status of H.R. manager : 

Position & status of H.R. manager LINE AUTHORITY: Authority flows in a straight line from top to bottom of the organization. HR manager has a direct control over the employment officer, training officer, wage & welfare officer. Each officer has direct authority over those working under him.


STAFF AUTHORITY HR manager is staff specialist Provides expert advice on personal matters Has advisory role No authority over other departments All departments seek his advice for increment, transfer, promotion, etc.. But his advice is not binding on them.

HR responsibility : 

HR responsibility Recruitment, training & development. Wages & salary compensation. Decide standards of work to be performed. Establish day to day climate for mutual trust & respect to maintain healthy industrial relations. Employee security, safety, welfare, discipline, education. Ensure all amenities under welfare scheme Write job description, specification. Prepare training material, advise CEO. Develop performance appraisal tools. Conduct job evaluation procedures, conduct surveys. Advise regarding fringe benefits. Analyze causes of labour discontent. Develop norms for fair treatment, safety, grievances. LINE STAFF

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