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A Presentation on Trade Union :

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WHAT IS TRADE UNION A trade union is an organized group of workers. Its main goal is to protect and advance the interests of its member Its main goal is to protect and advance the interests of its members. Trade unions aim to represent the interests of people at work and negotiate with employers for better terms and conditions for their members.

Definition of Trade Unions:

Definition of Trade Unions "Trade Union" means any combination, whether temporary or permanent, formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations between workmen and employers or between workmen and workmen, or between employers and employers - The Indian trade union act of 1926


HISTORY OF – TRADE UNION The first trade union was started in 1877 in Nagpur It was this labour protest on an organized scale, through the support of some philanthropic personalities, that organized labour unions came to be formed The setting up of large-scale industrial units, created conditions of widespread use of machinery, new lines of production, and brought about changes in working and living environment of workers, and concentration of industries in large towns The first Factory’s Act was passed in 1881 by N.M. Lokhode In 1919 Madras Labour Union was the first Union in India to be formed and established by B. P. Vadia

Features of Trade Unions:

Features of Trade Unions

Importance of trade union :

Importance of trade union

Objectives of Trade union :

Objectives of Trade union Better wages Better working condition Discipline Employee-employer relation Education & training Financial discount Welfare benefits


FUNCTION OF TRADE UNION Militant:- To achieve higher wages and better working conditions To raise the status To protect labors against injustice Fraternal:- To generate self confidence among workers To encourage sincerity and discipline among workers To take up welfare measures for improving the morale of workers

PowerPoint Presentation:

Another board classification of the function of unions Intra-mural activities:- These consist of those function of the unions which lead to the betterment of employment condition such as ensuring adequate wages & salaries extra –mural activities :- these activates help the employees to maintain & improve efficiency or productivity. example promote friendly relations ,diffuse education among member.

What do unions do?:

What do unions do? Negotiation Negotiation is where union representative discuss with management issues which affect people working in an org. the union find out the members ‘views and relays these view to mgmt. there may be a difference of opinion between mgmt and union members. negotiation is about finding solution to these difference. this process is also known as ‘collective bargaining’.

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Representation Trade union also represent individual members when they have problem at work .if an employee feels they are being unfair treated ,he or she can ask the union representative to help sort out the difficulty with the manager or employer. Member services During the last 10 years, trade unions have increased the range of services offer their members. They include Education & training Welfare benefits-provide financial help to their member when they are sick or unemployed .


PROCEDURE OF REGISTRATION OF TRADE UNION At least 7 members should be present for an application It should in a prescribed form ,fees and should be registered under the Registrar of Trade Unions. Should be accompanied by a copy of the Rules of TU Certificate of Registration is issued as soon as TU has been duly registered under the Act

Reasons for Joining Trade Unions :

Reasons for Joining Trade Unions Greater Bargaining Power Minimize Discrimination Sense of Security Sense of Participation Sense of belongingness Platform for self expression Betterment of relationships

Methods adopted by trade union:

Methods adopted by trade union

Trade union in India :

Trade union in India Trade union activities started in India with the formation of Bombay Mill Hands Association in 1890 by shri N.M.Lokhandy , a factory worker, is said to be the first trade union in India. At present there are more than 50,000 registered trade unions and 10% labour organisation .

More active central trade union:

More active central trade union

Features of these trade union:

Features of these trade union There are various type of trade union which operates at the plant level :regional federation which operate at the regional levels, and central trade union which operate at the national level. All major central unions are affiliated to political parties There is very close link between trade unions and political party. most of the central labour org are under control of one political party.

Present central trade union org:

Present central trade union org All India trade union congress (AITUC) Bharatiya mazdoor sangh (BMS) Central of India Trade Union (CITU) Hind mazdoor kisan panchayat (HMKP) Hind mazdoor sabha (HMS) Indian federation of free trade union (INTUC) National labor organization (NLO) National front of Indian trade union(NFITU) Indian federation of free trade union(IFFTU) Trade union co-ordination center(TUCC)

Problem for trade union in India:

Problem for trade union in India Uneven growth of unionism illiteracy Small size of unions’ Financial weakness Low income Leadership Politics and unions


CONCLUSION Trade Union is an important factor of the current society, as it safeguards the basic interest and needs of both the employees as well as employers, by giving better terms and conditions of employment, secured jobs, better wages, favorable working environment which in turn leads to desired profitability.

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