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memory card to pedrive


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Memory card to pen drive date transfer made easy without PC


INTRODUCTION: The project aim is developing an intelligent data transfer system which doesn’t require any support from PC for data transferring. Transferring of large amount of data to back up devices became a huge problem. Also, PC is compulsory for doing it. So, this system is proposed to eliminate the usage of PC for transferring the data from memory card to pen drive.

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The main objectives of this project are: Elimination of PC in data transferring operation Formatting option The main aspects of this project are: Serial protocol implementation USB communication Embedded C Programming

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Block diagram:

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The major building blocks of this project are: Regulated Power Supply Microcontroller(ARM Cortex-M3) MMC/SD card Crystal oscillator Reset LED Indicators

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The microcontroller used is ARM Cortex-M 3. Why Cortex-M 3? Delivers higher performance Energy Efficiency Full featured Rich connectivity

Specifications of ARM LPC-1768::

Specifications of ARM LPC-1768: Use 16/32 Bit ARM7TDMI-S MCU No.LPC2148 from Philips (NXP) Has 512KB Flash Memory and 40KB Static RAM internal MCU Use 12.00MHz Crystal, so MCU can process data with the maximum high speed at 60MHz when using it with Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) internal MCU. Has RTC Circuit (Real Time Clock) with 32.768 KHz XTAL and Battery Backup. Has circuit to connect with standard 20 Pin JTAG ARM for Real Time Debugging

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Has standard 2.0 USB as Full Speed inside (USB Function has 32 End Point). Has RS232 Communication Circuit by using 2 Channel. Has SD/MMC card connector circuit by using SSP. Has EEPROM interface using I2C. Has PS2 keyboard interface. All port pins are extracted externally for further interfaces. 7-12V AC/DC Power Supply.

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The controlling device of the whole project is a Microcontroller. The Microcontroller reads the data from memory card and makes it into the suitable format to write it into pen drive. When user presses copy button all the data from memory card is copied to pen drive as back up storage. Also, the system has a provision of formatting the memory card. Operation:

MMC/SD card:

MMC/SD card The Multimedia Card (MMC) is a flash memory card standard . A memory card or flash memory card is solid-state electronic flash memory data storage device capable of storing digital contents . SD cards popularly known as Secure Digital . SD cards is a non-volatile memory card format. SD cards are based on the older Multimedia card (MMC) format. Controller writes data into it using SPI protocol.

Features of MMC: :

Features of MMC: Universal low cost data storage and communication media The MMC communication is based on 7 pin serial bus. Operate in a low voltage range of 2.0 to 3.6v. Targeted for portable and stationary applications. Noted for high data rate of 52Mbps. Secure versions of card is available.


RESET BUTTON: Reset is used for putting the Microcontroller into a known condition. That practically means the microcontroller can behave rather inaccurately under certain undesirable conditions. In order to continue its proper functioning it has to be reset. A switch placed between the digital input and ground will short the digital input to ground when it is pressed. This means the voltage seen at the input will be high when the switch is open and low when switch is closed.


OSCILLATOR An electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a repetitive Electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave. PIC micro controller internally having 4mhz clock frequency. We are giving the 20Mhz clock frequency as an external source for increasing the system performance

Software’s used::

Software’s used: Keil vision far in embedded c language Flash magic programmer software Express SCH for circuit design Proteus for hardware implementation


Applications: This system is portable it finds very useful for transferring data from Digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, MP 3 players and video game consoles into pen drive.


Conclusion: The proposed project is capable of transferring data from a memory card to pen drive without using pc. Here we can transfer a maximum data of 2 to 10 KB and in order to send more data another RS232 interfacing circuit need to be connected .

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