Mechanical engineering design courses to consider after engineering

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Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of subjects. Is students find an interest in a particular subject, there are institutions offering design courses to provide in depth knowledge of the subject.


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E-82 Sadh Nagar Palam Colony New Delhi - 110045 INDIA Mechanical engineering design courses to consider after engineering If you want a mechanical graduate and have an inclination towards a particular designing subject you can opt for several designing courses which will sharpen your designing skills and make you a master at it. Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of subjectsand you might find an interest in a particular subject. The advanced courses help you get thorough with the subject after which you can specialize in it. There are many short-term designing courses mechanical engineers can opt for. These include as tool and die making course CNC programming CAD designing and machinery training.  Tool and die making course Also known as mould design course tool and die making courseis a computer-aided drawing course. This course is valuable for mechanical engineers interested in the manufacturing industry especially the ones manufacturing tools such as dies gauges machine tools jigs cutting tools and moulds. This course will help you with learning the following in depth: 1. Understand drawings and specifications of dies prototype tools and models. 2. Plan the progression of operations from the start to the completion of the product. 3. Set up machine tools and calculate dimensions. 4. Fix the machine parts together and make sure that they work in tandem with the specifications.  CNC programming CNC Computer Numerical Control programming is a computer controlled cutting machine. It is related to the handheld router used for cutting hard materials like aluminum wood steel composites foams and plastics. In short it refers to coding the path of machine cutting tools by G-M codes. A computer which contains the CNC programming software that creates codes and instructions runs the machine tools. A typical CNC programming course covers the following curriculum: 1. Import-export of solid models

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E-82 Sadh Nagar Palam Colony New Delhi - 110045 INDIA 2. Analyzing the workpiece 3. Planning of cutting 4. Selection of appropriate tool 5. Area cleaning process 6. Selection of tool path method 7. Finishing and router training  CAD designing CAD Computer Aided Design is a software which helps design and manufacture products. AutoCAD is one of the most widely used software to create architectural construction and engineering designs. Engineering colleges do teach the students about AutoCADbut it is an overview and students either don’t know how to use it or don’t know how to maximize the use of this software. A typical CAD designing module contains the following curriculum: 1. Software environment guidance 2. 2D designing/ sketching 3. Datum designing 4. 3D designing and solid modeling 5. Surfacing 6. Reverse engineering 7. Drafting 8. Assembly 9. Analysis

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E-82 Sadh Nagar Palam Colony New Delhi - 110045 INDIA  Machinery training The heart of mechanical degree is a machineand it getting training in it not only gives you in-depth knowledge about machines but also how to deal with any machine used in aircraft maintenance. Medical devices and robots.Typicalmachinery learning course contains the following curriculum: 1. CNC Computer Numerical Control 2. EDM Electric Discharge Machine 3. Moulding machine 4. Vertical milling machine with DRO 5. Lathe machine with DRO 6. Grinding machine 7. Polishing machine These are some of the short-term design courses for mechanical engineering students that they can choose after their graduation or even while studying. There are many institutions offering these design courses but make sure that you research thoroughly before enrolling yourself. Make sure that the institution you select has an apt curriculum professional instructors appropriate ambiance and necessary equipment. Also check if you will be entitledto a course certificate after its completion. Do not enroll in an institution offering no certificates or an institution hesitating to answer your questions about the certificate. Learning from professional institutions will not only make you proficient in the subject but will help you abundantly in your career.

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