What is Agile and how to make it successful

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This PPT tries to provide a more constructive answer on how to make Agile successful.See the key characteristics for agile development success.


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What is Agile and how to make it successful?:

What is Agile and how to make it successful?

What is Agile? :

What is Agile? Agile is a way to manage projects. It can be used for virtually anything, but it was founded in software development. In agile methodology, the large tasks are divided into small modules/ iterations. At the end of each iteration something of value is produced. Unlike Waterfall project management, which is strictly sequenced: you don’t start design until research is done and you don’t start development until the designs are signed off on. Agile involves cross functional teams like planning, requirement analysis, designing, developing, testing to work simultaneously.

Agile Manifesto :

Agile Manifesto Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan


How it Works The whole project is divided into break ups which are then allotted sprints (the time estimates that are allotted to each breakdown). Each Sprint is further divided among following processes –


Following factors are considered at this point –   Project Goals People who will be involved in the project Creation of Project Backlog Determine what features to work on Sprint Planning


Project Backlog It is a list of features that the end users wish to see in the website or mobile app. Once the features are concentrated in one place, they are divided into priorities. The features are then divided into the various iterations or sprints, according to the priority and flow of the website or mobile app.


Feature Estimation Sifting and sorting by the various factors can help break down a large feature list into some manageable chunks. Feature estimation makes it easier for the project team to judge what all requirements are in priority and which can be handled on a later date.


Review At this stage, every sprint is discussed in terms of its feasibility, operation, and improvement. Following this step, either the next sprint is taken up or the project backlogs are prioritized again.


How to make your Agile Project a Success Open Communication: Being in the loop about what is ahead of schedule and what is behind, can help ease the concerns emerging with unpredictability. A translucent process keeps both the clients and team members at ease and focused.  Having a Standalone team: To ensure the success of your project, have a separate project management team which would later collaborate with those focusing on the one project. Devised Planning: Coming up with a strong project backlog and estimating all the features are the two grounds which you will have to plan, rigorously.


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