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Performance Support tool: Side Work chart:

Performance Support tool: Side Work chart By: Kelsey Yonk


The business goal: Having this side work chart implemented in the restaurant will: Keeps things organized Maintain appropriate sanitary conditions Keeps staff occupied Performance Gap: Side work is not getting done on a regular basis restaurant will not be ready to serve next wave of clientele expected level of cleanliness is not maintained properly Analysis: The Problem Excellent performance looks like: All side work is completed correctly, the restaurant is clean and organized. The next shift of team members are stocked and ready to serve clientele walking in Prerequisite Knowledge of learners What and where materials are located cleaning basics restaurant lingo


Who are they? Bbq’d production employees What they already know? how to do side work Expectations of tasks How is task performed? Sloppy Improperly Feeling about job ? Employees love their job Challenges ? Only do certain side work don’t know how to do new tasks Forget what to do The Learners


Learning and Performance Contexts Performance objectives: 1. Given a side work chart and materials needed the learner will be able to correctly perform the task selected at hand to the bbq’d productions standards. 2. Given a side work chart and expo marker, the learner will able to sign off on the chart by marking their initials in the box next to the task they completed. They must ask the closing server to double check their work before leaving. Where will learners use and see the chart? Hung up next to the staff schedule and floor plan

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