Checklist for Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


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A checklist for choosing commercial refrigeration equipment from Shire Leasing.


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Checklist for Choosing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

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Effcient refrigeration keeps food fresher for longer maintains their quality and safety and is essential for the smooth running of a commercial kitchen. Whether you’re storing back of house or displaying front of house there are various factors you need to consider when investing in commercial refrigeration equipment. This checklist will help you make an informed decision so you can make the right choice for your business. Factors to consider are the space you have available the volume you require and what you want to store. Which type of REFRIGERATOR do you need

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Uprights Solid Door Suitable for back-of-house storage. Insulated interiors efciently maintain consistent temperatures through either static fan-assisted or forced-air cooling ranging from 2 to 12ºC. Glass Door Suitable for displaying items front of house. Although solid door units have better insulation glass doors show what’s inside. This means customers can easily select items and staf can check inventory without having to search with the door open. Condensers Bottom Mounted Easier to clean and more energy efcient as the air drawn in is cooler at foor level. Top Mounted Won’t trap as much dirt and debris. Better suited for kitchens where foor spillages are common for example bakeries. Blast Chillers Absorb heat far quicker than conventional refrigerators and are essential for safely and hygienically cooling down food in the shortest possible time without compromising quality. Meat Chillers Specialised units with a lower temperature range -2 to 12ºC to ensure raw meat and fsh are safe from bacterial growth. Sliding Glass Door Greater energy efciency as they don’t need to be fully opened to extract an item.

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Ice Machines Commercial ice machines come in freestanding countertop built-in and under-counter styles. Your choice depends on the type of ice you require: cubed faked bullet or spray. Ice machines use either air- or water-cooled compressors. Air-cooled units are more cost efective but need to be in a well- ventilated area. Water-cooled units use the mains water supply so can be placed in warmer areas or tighter spaces with poor circulation. Cold Rooms Ranging from the size of a small cupboard to a walk-in cold rooms are convenient for storing large amounts of items. They are ideal for businesses with bigger turnover of those with less frequent deliveries so require storage with more capacity. Food graded shelving allows easy access and combi systems have a dividing wall allowing for 2 diferent temperature ranges. Prep/Counter Fridges Compact waist-high prep fridges ofer the convenience of under-counter storage with a countertop work surface. Ideal for customer-facing food preparation such as for pizzas and sandwiches. Chest Freezers Ideal for long term storage especially vegetables. The lid can also double as a temporary worktop so it’s ideal for kitchens with limited space.

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How much space do you have If space is limited slimmer uprights make the most of ceiling height without compromising interior capacity while prep and under-counter fridges are ideal for smaller kitchens with low ceilings. Also bear in mind a combi system cold room may be more compact than 2 large modular refrigeration units. So consider this if you’re a small business that needs more storage capacity. What volume do you need Don’t forget to consider interior volume size. Tightly packed items constrict air fow resulting in uneven temperatures. However a half-empty unit will have to work harder increasing your cooling costs. What’s your budget Commercial refrigeration equipment is a big investment. But buying based on price could result in an unsuitable unit unnecessary energy costs and food wastage in other words a false economy. With fexible fnancing you won’t have to pay outright for your refrigeration equipment. You can choose a payment plan that suits your cash fow structure and you won’t have to compromise based on what you can aford to buy outright - you can choose the right unit for your business needs. E: neil T: 01827 68939 CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS. To learn more about available fnancing options from small monthly payments to seasonal leases:

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