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Presentation On Launching a new Product

Group members:

Group members

Brand Name:

Brand Name CoolUp

Slogan of the brand:

Slogan of the brand "The best natural drink of the town"

Logo of the brand:

Logo of the brand CoolUp

Prototype of the product:

Prototype of the product

Product Concept:

Product Concept “A healthy natural drinks for young and sports man, who are health conscious and who wants to keep fit, to drink as refreshment after high exhaustiveness and boost up health before going to work.”

Mission of the brand:

Mission of the brand To capture about 50 percent of Bangladesh natural drinks market within two years. To give pure and healthy natural drinks to our target consumer at reasonable price. To give satisfaction and refreshment to our target consumer To take care of our consumer health who are health conscious, by providing pure healthy drinks.

Vision of the Brand:

Vision of the Brand We want to be at the leading position in the natural drinks market of the Bangladesh. To provide healthy natural drinks we want to see a healthy and germs free nation. We will commercialize our product to the international market after three years.


Market Segmentation & Brand Communication

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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation There have four types of segmentation: Geographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation Psychographic Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation

Geographic Segmentation :

Geographic Segmentation Based on geographic segmentation our brand segmentation is: Region: Bangladesh Density: Mass population .

Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic Segmentation Based on demographic segmentation our brand segmentation is: Age: No age limit but not below six years old. Family life cycle: Young generation, married, single and others. Gender: Male, Female

Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic Segmentation Occupation: Sports man, Collage and University students, Professional persons and others Religion: Every religion Social class: Every social class

Psychographic Segmentation :

Psychographic Segmentation Based on Psychographic Segmentation our brand segmentation is: Lifestyle: Sports-oriented, outdoor-oriented (Students, Employee etc) Personality: Natural drinks lover.

Behavioral Segmentation :

Behavioral Segmentation Based on Behavioral Segmentation our brand segmentation is: Occasion: Indoor, outdoor games, Dj party, Open concert etc . Benefits: Keeping the body cool at the proper temperature, promoting weight loss, detoxifying and fight viruses, boosting immune system etc. User Status: potential user, regular user. Readiness stage: Unaware, intending to buy

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Brand Communication

Brand Communication:

Brand Communication “100% Natural drink” CooLUp will communicate to its consumer by “100% natural drink” slogan

Brand Communication:

Brand Communication To communicate our brand our statement will be:- CooLUp To young, active soft drink consumers who are health conscious, CooLUp is the natural soft drink that gives you the best refreshment and sustenance because it has highest level of nutrition. With CooLUp , you can stay refresh and keep going even when you haven’t been able to do your work .

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Differentiation tools

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Differentiation Tools

Differentiation Tools:

Differentiation Tools We differentiate our product from our target consumer by the tools which is given below: Form Feature Design Style Performance Quality Channel Image

Form Differentiation :

Form Differentiation Size: The size of cool up drinks bottle will be 250ml. Shape: The shape of the bottle will be just as original coconut shape. Color: Our products package color will be original coconut color.

Features Differentiation :

Features Differentiation We mainly differentiate our product from our competitor by “100% natural”. Our product features are: Keeping the body cool at the proper temperature Carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells Promoting weight loss Boosting your immune system Balancing your PH and reduce risk of cancer

Features Differentiation:

Features Differentiation Boosting poor circulation Relieving muscle spasms Low in carbohydrates Low in calories Low in naturally occurring sugar High in Vitamin C

Performance quality:

Performance quality Cool Up drinks performance quality is superior. Because it contains five essential electrolytes like Potassium Sodium Magnesium Calcium Phosphorous That your body needs to keep nerves firing, keep muscles moving, and to manage stress that’s why cool up is the best way to refresh, and re-hydrate .

Style Differentiation:

Style Differentiation Our product’s bottle style will be original coconut style and consumer can get a real image of natural coconut drink.

Design Differentiation:

Design Differentiation In terms of design differentiation our product design is an innovative design. Because it looks like real coconut, it is easy to open and drink. The bottle there will have a hole and consumer can put a straw inside it and drink. We will make this bottle by plastic that’s why it is easy to dispose or consumer can hold it because the bottle is attractive and well designed.

Channel differentiation:

Channel differentiation To achieve the competitive advantage we will use extensive distribution coverage. Because it will help us to make available of our product in the market, so that consumer can easily get it.

Image differentiation :

Image differentiation Our product slogan is “The best natural drink of the town” . So we want to differentiate our product from our competitor by this slogan .

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Attributes of the Brand Positioning Test Marketing

Slide 33:

Attributes of the Brand

Attributes of the Brand:

Attributes of the Brand The attributes of our brand is: Natural Quality Healthy Friendly Nutritious Reasonable price Refreshing Pure

Rational Attributes:

Rational Attributes Rational attributes of our brand is: Quality Reasonable price. Refreshing Natural Nutritious

Emotional Attributes :

Emotional Attributes Emotional attributes of our brand is: Superiority as opposed to “quality” Availability as opposed to “reasonable price” Friendly as oppose to “refreshing” Healthy as opposed to “nutritious” Purity as opposed to “natural”


Positioning We have done two types of positioning for our brand: Product category positioning Brand positioning

Product Category Positioning:

Product Category Positioning Expensive Inexpensive High Quality Low Quality

Brand Positioning:

Brand Positioning High Price Low price Natural Artificia l 100% natural CoolUp

Test Marketing:

Test Marketing From the method we have chosen “Controlled test marketing” In controlled test marketing the marketers generally manages as panel of stores that will carry new product for a fee. This research helps to know the marketer whether the new product is match able to the given geographical area and also with the target consumer. Controlled test marketing will say weather our target consumers are response to the product more or less. And by the response rate we have to take proper action about our product.

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Packaging & Labeling


Packaging For cool-up drinks we develop a package which is very unique and attractive. Convenience: Easy to Handel. Promotion: An effective and attractive package design can make promotion itself. Cool Up drink also make its promotion itself by: Size: 250ml bottle size. Shape: Cool-up drinks package is looks like original coconut.


Packaging Color: Light Green (Coconut Color) Materials: The package will be made by the plastic. Protection : Cool-up package is made by the plastic so it can give the best protection of the product. It can maintain the proper temperature of the product and help to protect coconut water’s nutrients and flavor.


Labeling Labeling is the most important thing for a product. Because it contains brand name, product information, usages condition, ingredient etc. Content Specification : Servicing size 4fl oz(250ml) Amount per serving Carbohydrates 2 100mg Calcium 60mg Phosphorus 10mg Sodium 3.8mg Potassium 2.1mg Magnesium 10mg Total Fat 0g Cholesterol 0g


Labeling Font Selection: To write the brand name we use “Abaddon ” font. We will use ‘Times New Roman” font for other information. Ingredient: 100% Natural Coconut Water. User Information: This drink is not suitable for children below six years and for diabetic people. Usage Condition: Store in a cool place, below 24ºC

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