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Stair Warehouse offers a wide variety of durable handrails at a low price that available in different style and designs. Our products are manufactured with top quality materials that make it durable. We stock the best products that provide a great stability and help a person to easily ascend or descend the stairs.


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Welcome To Stair Handrails

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Page 1- Get straight handrail in a modern round design & traditional handrails in a shaped design.  Stair Warehouse has the largest variety of stair handrails on the web. And our prices are great.   Page 2- Why do you need Stair Handrails?? To protect the people from injury and to, facilitate access during movement from one level to another in a building. A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support.

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Types of Handrails: Straight, Bending, Fittings . Our stair handrails are made without finger joints from the highest grade of hardwoods available. If you need an inexpensive finger jointed handrail, we have a 6010 handrail in Red Oak that may work. •We have a straight solid handrail in a modern round design. •Traditional handrails in a shaped design. •We also have nice wall rails and Contemporary Stainless Steel Handrails. We have a bending handrail curve that comes with the moldings included. •Many of our contractors and DIY's use our bending handrail as it is so easy to install & seamless.

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Advantages: 1.Prevent injuries such as accidental fall or tumbling down from the stairs 2.Provide safety and support while ascending or descending the stairs . 3.Stair Handrail for steps is usually simple, plain yet elegant in nature . 4.Easily held, durable and stable. 5.May opt to add intricate carvings or embellishments as long as the handrail is strong & sturdy.

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Conclusion A handrail is meant for tying together the stairs and the railings of the staircase. Handrails are mainly meant for safe walking and support. Wood, metal, glass, and steel are generally used to create handrails . Address: Stair Warehouse ,Suite B400 Magnolia,Texas,77354 Usa Phone: 866-336-2506  Website:

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