What causes nerve damage?is it curable?


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What causes nerve damage?is it curable?


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What causes nerve damage is it curable When the nervous tissue gets badly affected and results in restricting the functioning of nerves that dysfunctioning of a nerve is known as nerve damage. To understand the severity you should know which nerve has been attacked. Our body consists of three types of nerves: ● Sensory nerves ​: this nerve helps to transfer any information related to your body surface and muscles to your brain. That process helps you to feel the sensation of pain. ● Automatic nerves ​: it deals with controlling your heart rate digestion temperature regulation and blood pressure. ● Motor nerves ​: All your movements and actions are controlled by these nerves. Nerves can get effected in your spinal cord and brain or the peripheral nerves can get damaged which are present throughout the human body. Most of the people suffer from peripheral nerve damage. The following are the causes of nerve damage: Diabetes Most of the diabetes patients suffer from nerve pain. All three types of nerves can get effected through diabetic neuropathy. Mostly sensory nerves are the most affected nerve in this situation. Lack of Nutrition Certain vitamins like B12 and B6 deficiencies in the body creates a nerve pain which includes burning sense and weaknesses. The lack of nutrition can occur because of gastric surgery and alcohol consumption. Autoimmune disease The various disease which attacks the immune system of a human body like lupus myasthenia gravis etc. can cause nerve damage. Infectious disease Infections like herpes Lyme disease etc. can be the reason for the issues related to the nerves. Trauma Compression of nerves and trauma affects the nervous system which causes nerve pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome and crush bruise and pinched nerves are the examples of this compression of nerves.

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Drug side effects Various medicines which are consumed for curing severe diseases may end up causing nerve-related issues. These medicines include medication for HIV Cancer etc. substances which are toxic like mercury lead arsenic can encourage nerve damage. Symptoms of Nerve Damage Symptoms of nerve damage depend upon the nerves which get affected. These are: ● Sexual dysfunction. ● Constipation. ● Not able to sense chest pain such as heart attack or angina. ● Excess sweating hyperhidrosis or too little sweating anhidrosis. ● Lightheadedness. ● Dry mouth eyes. ● Bladder dysfunction. ● Paralysis. ● Weakness. ● Sensitivity. ● Numbness. ● Pain. ● Muscle atrophy. ● Twitching. How to cure nerve damage or nerve pain. Nerve damage can be treated to reduce the nerve damage symptoms but it cannot be cured absolutely. You can also go for the treatment of nerve-related issues where you will be attended by the best team of a neurologist because it’s an intensifying disease which takes time and patience to be healed. You can start your treatment by following these certain steps but under doctors supervision: ● Proper medication for autoimmune treatment. ● Stop consuming those medicines that cause nerve damage. ● Check your blood sugar level if you are also suffering from diabetes. ● Surgery or physical therapy to treat the trauma to nerves. ● Curing the nutritional deficiencies. Apart from these medical treatments you can also try to heal yourself from any of these alternative options to ease your nerve pain or damage:

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● Meditation for providing you mental stability. ● Electrical nerve stimulation like TENS. ● Acupuncture. ● Hypnosis. ● Antioxidant vitamins. ● Biofeedback. Medications that your doctor may prescribe are: ● Capsaicin ointment. ● Pain relievers. ● Tricyclic antidepressants like duloxetine Cymbalta desipramine Norpramin. ● Anti-seizure drugs. Nerve damage is a severe issue and its treatment should not be neglected. The severity may differ from person to person depending on his medical history and the nerves which have been attacked. You should consult your doctor immediately detecting any of the problems mentioned above. You can contact the best ​neurologist in Chennai ​for proper treatments. FORTIS MALAR HOSPITAL CHENNAI    Address:No. 52 1st Main Rd Gandhi Nagar Adyar Chennai Tamil Nadu 600020 Phone: 099625 99933 https://www.fortismalar.com/speciality-doctors/best-neurologist-spine-surgeon-doctors-chennai

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