Mini Lesson - SOAPStone: The House on Mango Street

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Mini Lesson :

Mini Lesson SOAPStone : The House on Mango Street Cynthia Mello August 7, 2016


Objective: Students will use the SOAPStone strategy to be able to identify the following in Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street : Speaker Occasion Audience Purpose Subject Tone

Introduce Strategy:

Introduce Strategy The SOAPStone strategy helps students clarify and organize their thoughts prior to writing. It provides specific structures for the text. Once students complete the SOAPStone strategy they will be better prepared to write . http:// / apc /public/ preap / teachers_corner /45200. html

Worksheet created by Cyndi Mello:

Worksheet created by Cyndi Mello Front side Back side

Demonstrate the Strategy:

Demonstrate the Strategy In order to demonstrate the SOAPStone strategy to my students I pick another piece of writing and I go through each of the six components with the students, answering the questions as I go. This is a large assignment so I chunk it. For example, one day I would demonstrate Speaker and I would answer all four of the questions under Speaker. Next, the students complete the questions that go along with Speaker for The House on Mango Street

Guided Practice with Strategy:

Guided Practice with Strategy In groups of 3-4 students begin working on the first box of SOAPStone , Speaker Students answer these four questions: 1. Who is the speaker? Esperanza Cordero (Latina) 2. What does the speaker reveal about herself and her situation? Esperanza reveals that she is L atina that grew up poor in a Chicago bario . Esperanza wants an education and doesn’t want to be held back by her being a female, L atina or poor. 3. What is the speaker’s point of view? 1 st person and peripheral narrator Remember that the author and the speaker aren’t necessarily the same person: Author = Cisneros Speaker = Esperanza

Guided Practice with Strategy:

Guided Practice with Strategy Once the students complete the first box (in this instance it is the Speaker box) the students then must put their findings on a poster. I give the students guidelines such as Title = Speaker The House on Mango Street 2-3 pictures Put questions in one color Place answers in 2 nd color Each group member must be standing up and working on poster

Apply the Strategy:

Apply the Strategy After the students have gone through each of the six components of SOAPStone and answered each section for The House on Mango then the students will have a better understanding of Cisneros’s work. I also have the students do such activities as a Gallery Walk to see other group’s answers and a debrief and discuss each section of SOAPStone . Finally the students are ready for a writing assignment.

Assessment & Reflection on Strategy:

Assessment & Reflection on Strategy As students hang their posters in the classroom I go through each poster with the class. As a class we discuss what components to the student’s poster are right one and which pieces of the poster could use some adjusting. Right then and their the student actually fix their posters so that each student in the class can learn from the errors. This feedback is immediate, positive and corrective.

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