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In order to get a hassle free divorce in less time, a top divorce lawyer in Singapore helps you to win your case.


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Divorce is a complex process and is associated with a hard time in the life of the separating spouses as they face numerous emotional and critical issues after divorce. In most of the cross-border divorce cases the spouses decide to move to different countries and wish to have the child with them. The matter of child custody is one of the major issues that need to be resolved during the judgment of the divorce case. Therefore hiring an experienced attorney is a wise decision. The lawyer has the requisite skill for handling such cases so they can guide and help you regarding the issues of child custody spousal maintenance etc.

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The spousal maintenance in Singapore is based on the various factors and takes into account the after-effects of the divorce on the life of the separating spouses as well as their children. The right of spousal maintenance focalises on the concept to rationalize the financial inequalities between the spouses. The facilities and lifestyle that a spouse enjoyed during the marriage are also taken into consideration. Singapore has its own law regarding the maintenance for the spouses divorced under the Singapore family law. Also some of the other factors that influence the decision regarding the spousal maintenance are the financial needs of spouse or child age physical or mental disability custody of a child etc. In the case of child custody it is a delicate matter and needs to be dealt with patience as well as wisdom. If a parent takes away the child to live with them without informing the other parent then the court may put a charge of child abduction and a warrant will be issued against that guardian. Thus proper application is required for child relocation after the divorce else the act will be considered as child abduction and will be penalized by law. These things are complicated and beyond the apprehension of the common people. So the support from a professional lawyer is required extensively because they are capable of preparing the necessary documents and can justify the amount to be finalized as the spousal maintenance in Singapore. For this you need to consult with your friends or near ones or you may also browse the internet and enlist the top law firms and go through the reviews of their clients. The experienced attorneys well emphasise the minute points that play a vital role in the construction of the decision.

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