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This PDF is describing about some important questions that you must ask from candidates to ascertain whether they are the right fit for the organization.


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Looking for an Administrative Assistant 4 Types of Questions to ask Candidates As companies grow in size operations become more complex. The role of an administrative assistant is no more restricted to managing files and performing routine jobs but now extends to undertaking more specialized tasks. Organizations are adding specific skills such as knowledge of various sectors finance operations management and the ability to comprehend financial data to the list of desired attributes for administrative professionals. If you are looking for an administrative staffing agency in Dallas TX there are a number of reputable options that you can explore provided you know what to ask. The blog post provides four types of questions that you must ask candidates seeking administrative assistant jobs to ascertain whether they are a fit for the organization. Take a look.

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1. Ask Questions About the Candidate’s Work Style An administrative assistant often requires to multitask. They may have to juggle between different roles all with similar deadlines. Having an idea of candidate’s work style will help you determine whether they are suitable for your organization. Asking questions such as what will be their first step when given a big project to manage or is there anything they can bring to the table in their new job can give an overview of candidate’s work style and how they’ll react in a particular situation. 2. Ask Questions to Gauge Their Soft and Hard Technical Skills Administrative assistants today need to work with modern technologies to keep up with changing needs of growing organizations. Administrative assistant must therefore have an understanding of latest technologies required for their work. As in most cases the recruit will be using MS-office to manage data and records ask questions about which version of MS office they are currently using excel sheet formulas they use for work and the process of exporting Excel to Powerpoint. In addition as the job of an administrative assistant requires interaction with different people and manage travel plans of executives. Ask questions about any incidents in which they had face an irate customer in their previous job and the steps they took to calm them down. 3. Ask Questions to Assess Their Relationship With their Ex- Managers and Co-workers To ascertain whether the candidate is the right fit for the organization you need to assess the way they approach and manage their relationship with their co- workers and managers. Ask questions to determine the candidate’s preferred leadership style their willingness to have effective communications with their superiors and what type of qualities they prefer in their manager. You can also ask candidates to share any constructive feedback they have received from their previous managers.

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4. Ask Question to Ascertain Candidates Approach to their Work In the modern corporate set up the role of an administrative assistant can be quite demanding. These professionals must be willing to acquire additional skills and learn concepts and processes that enable them manage their job responsibilities in a better way. It is important that you look for candidates who’re passionate about their work. To find the right fit ask candidates what interests them about their current role and the types of projects that excite them. Conclusion No matter whether you are recruiting candidates through an administrative staffing agencies in Dallas TX or through an inhouse HR team you must include these questions in the list of your interview questions. Such questions will help you ascertain candidate’s willingness to work with you and their endurance against changing roles and responsibilities. If you have more such types of question to contribute to the list feel free to share in the comment.

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