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En este Power Point se presentan las diferentes intelligencias que poseen los seres humanos para poder entenderlos mejor y se les facilite a los maestros enseñar con precisión.


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Sherley, you have done a very good investigation on the topic. Thanks for sharing with all of us that can make use of it. Sara Gould Panama-Central America

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Multiple Intelligence : 

Multiple Intelligence Sherley Marie Cordero López COMU 2019-001

Historical Background : 2 Historical Background Learning through many kinds of intelligence Unique cognitive profile - Theory - Howard Gardner - 1983

Principles : 3 Principles Learner centered Individual learner

Procedure : 4 Procedure Survey Classify the students Lesson planning Monitor the progress

Roles : 5 Roles

Sample activity of the method : 6 Sample activity of the method Visual Learning & using mind mapping Using a computer graphic program Preparing visual stories or aids Preparing video tape or computer presentations Drawing or making models Kinesthetic Participating in movement exercises Dancing Building & fixing Acting Taking field trips

Sample activity of the method : 7 Sample activity of the method Interpersonal Working in teams Teaching or helping others Hosting an event Persuading or "selling" to others Debating Intrapersonal Listing your goals Leading a team Analyzing your "styles" and/or intelligences Meditating Writing poetry

Sample activity of the method : 8 Sample activity of the method Auditory-Linguistic Giving a speech Writing a story or report Preparing jokes Playing word games Reading Logical-Analytical Interpreting patterns Debating Solving puzzles Calculating or computing Writing a computer program

Sample activity of the method : 9 Sample activity of the method Musical Singing Composing Playing an instrument Keeping time to a beat Using music (like Baroque) for learning Naturalistic Observing & recording Collecting Classifying or identifying Experimenting Forecasting

Implications of the method to the teaching of English in Puerto Rico : 10 Implications of the method to the teaching of English in Puerto Rico The multiple intelligence theory: - Provide students a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences. - Develop students’ high levels of multiples potentials. - Help us teach and evaluate our students in new and better ways.

References: : 11 References: Brown, D.H. (2001). Teaching by principles. An interactive approach to language pedagogy. Prentice Hall Regents Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

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