Stages in Proceedings of Divorce in Singapore

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Taking the decision of divorce is easier than the actual divorce proceeding. A couple has to be strong and prepared before getting started with the divorce procedure.


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singapore divorce lawyer :

singapore divorce lawyer This is written by Ms Gloria James- Civetta , a family lawyer in Singapore. The managing partner of Gloria James- Civetta & Co, Ms James was educated in the UK. With more than 16 years of experience handling divorce cases and family law proceedings, Ms James is highly skilled at ensuring everything is taken into consideration in a divorce.

Stages in Proceedings of Divorce in Singapore:

Stages in Proceedings of Divorce in Singapore In the times of uncertainty in everything, imagining a marriage to sustain longer without any effort from either side is nearly impossible. Marriage is like a tree, which has to be enriched every now and then with manure, water and minerals to make it sustain longer. If you want to obtain good fruit from the tree then protect it from the insects and infections. Trim the tree regularly to maintain the growth and enjoy a green, shady and fruitful tree. All this has to be done in the marriage relationship as well. One has to keep it going through caring for each other, providing comfort and attention. A spouse doesn’t need to spend their entire day together always, but whenever they are together, should provide their total attention to each other. However, in the competitive lifestyle, we are living today, it is difficult to take time for oneself, leave apart the spouse. Due to this and several other reasons, the bond of marriage is losing its meaning day by day. Most of the couples are marriage just for the sake of their loved ones, either their kids or the social status.


These couples are unable to enjoy their lives because they are stuck with each other, have to face the traces of their broken marriage every day and also have to keep with it. For these couples, there are only two solutions to live their own life comfortably and that are divorce or judicial separation. In judicial the couple can stay married but need not to share their lives together or even live together. Judicial separation is also known as divorce from bed and board, which can help one to understand its meaning. The law for having judicial separation and divorce in Singapore is similar. The applicant will have to fulfill similar points to obtain either of them. For having divorce the couple has to fulfill the 3 year marriage bar, which means they have to be married at least for 3 years before applying for the divorce. in case of the expat divorce or the couple living in Singapore seeking divorce, then also the 3 year marriage bar is applicable, unless until the marriage is going through exceptional hardship. Then the judge will decide whether the couple fulfills the points for divorce and should their marriage be dissolved or not.

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