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Dr. Nilesh :

Dr. Nilesh They are saving millions life through this, join us...!!

Mickey, XLRI:

Mickey , XLRI There is fire in our eyes. We will Change India..!!

Amlan, XLRI:

Amlan , XLRI I am proud that my friends are out there to change India!

Slide 4:

I thing this is the best noble cause for support..!! Melissa, Chetanite

Tejas ,Chetanite :

Tejas , Chetanite A great Idea, a great team. It couldn't be better!

Sourjya, IT:

Sourjya , IT I wish you great success and my support

Shreyans, IT:

Shreyans , IT I voted for a healthy India! I Voted for Aurora

Aditya ,Chetanite:

Aditya , Chetanite I trust my good friends and their capabilities.

Abhiseka, Future group:

Abhiseka , Future group They have chosen not to seek jobs but to create jobs!

Sudarshan , Chetanite:

India is rising, and you are sparking the RISE! Sudarshan , Chetanite

Satabdi BITM, Pune:

Satabdi BITM, Pune Its great to see MBA's start-up on their own!


Mangesh,Chetnite I vote because I want to see healthy India

Shwetank, IIT kanpur:

Shwetank , IIT kanpur Its truly inspiring!

Shrikant, Chetanite:

Shrikant , Chetanite I am a proud supporter of Aurora. I have voted for change!

Angshu, XLRI:

Angshu , XLRI You have the best n etwork in the country today

Nikhil, Chetanite:

Nikhil, Chetanite Young blood working for social cause!


Sharad,Chetanite I have joined hands to change India!

Prativa - Entrepreneur:

Prativa - Entrepreneur We are entrepreneurs, we will RISE India

Mrithyunjay, XLRI:

Mrithyunjay , XLRI I wish you great success and my support

Atish Somani, MBA:

Atish Somani , MBA Aurora will touch a million lives!

Vikas, Chetanite:

Vikas , Chetanite We support you in this great initiative!

Vikas, Chetanite:

G reat idea . G reat minds . G reat passion. Vikas , Chetanite


JD, XLRI They have the network, talent, passion and energy

Rajashik, XLRI :

Rajashik , XLRI I think healthcare the best industry to venture into!

Slide 25:

Amit , Chetanite Be a part of change in healthcare!

Kartik, IT:

Kartik , IT Our future l ies in our Children

A mother!:

A mother! I see a revolution coming

Nitesh, IT:

Nitesh , IT I see a lot of passion in this team

Jaidev, IT:

Jaidev , IT I believe in the power of innovation!

Purohit, XLRI:

Purohit , XLRI I voted for Aurora, will you also vote ?

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