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If you are one of those eager to become a permanent resident in Canada, this blog is for you. Here, you will not only learn about some popular Canada PR Visa options, but also about your Canada PR Visa Eligibility.


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Figure Your Canada PR Visa Eligibility Move Overseas In Style If you are one of those eager to become a permanent resident in Canada this blog is for you. Here you will not only learn about some popular Canada PR Visa options but also about your Canada PR Visa Eligibility. Check the piece and plan your next move What The Visa Holders Get Canada PR Visa enables the holders to reside and work in the overseas hotspot permanently across the nation without any restrictions whatsoever. With this visa they also become entitled to move in and leave the hotspot as per their particular needs without having to apply for a visa every time they wish to enter the place. With the visa they also become entitled to sponsor their family members for PR. Icing on the cake: they become entitled to apply for the Canadian Citizenship. Canada PR Visa Options You have many wonderful options and using any of these you may become a resident in the country and enjoy what the nation has to offer. Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programmes PNPs…these are just two such options. These are basically points and merit based immigration options. You also have some very good non points and non merit based options.

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Out of the points and merit based options Express Entry and the PNPs are most famous and swiftest paths to Canada PR. As per a report the PNPs and the different high-skilled economic immigration schemes available under the Express Entry system would play very important roles in the nation’s immigration strategy over the coming three years. The combined admissions goals for these well-liked and extensively used immigration plans are expected to reach 160100 new permanent residents in 2021 under the nation’s latest immigration levels plan disclosed sometime back even as it’s a very healthy swell of 23 over their combined 2018 goals of 129900. Taken together the three Federal High Skilled schemes namely the Federal Skilled Worker Class Federal Skilled Trades Class and the Canadian Experience Class — and the PNPs will reportedly be behind 44 of the 1.3 million new permanent residents that Ottawa has plans to admit from 2018 to 2021. Canada PR Eligibility To make the cut under Express Entry you have to not only fetch high points but also present a profile that stands out from the rest. As per some experts on the subject if you are comparatively younger between 18 and 35 years have competent English language skills are experienced in an in-demand profession and have good educational qualifications to strengthen your candidature you will find acceptance from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC and get your Canada PR Visa. Points Break-up Your profile will be assessed on these key parameters: 1. Education maximum 25 points 2. Work experience maximum 15 points 3. Age maximum 12 points 4. Arranged employment in Canada maximum 10 points 5. Adaptability maximum 10 points

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