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Accelerate digitization in retail by providing omni-channel customer experience using predictive analytics, marketing automation, Api management.


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Omni-Channel Digitization & Marketing Automation Platform:

Omni-Channel Digitization & Marketing Automation Platform RETAIL




Current Trends in Retail

The Buyer Journey in Retail:

The Buyer Journey in Retail Source:


The New Age Buyers Surveyed Source:


Stock Research in Retail Source:


Customers want a 360 Degree Experience


Omni-channel Retail: The Evolution Source: Delloite’s Store 3.0 Study

Omni-channel Retail Experience:

Omni-channel Retail Experience


Use Cases in Retail


General Omni-channel engagement across – Mobile, Web, Social etc. Deep Analytics and making the Big Data actionable Tracking user behavior across channels and taking action either on demand or campaign based Identify which channel is more effective Web, Mobile Integrating offline, legacy, transaction data with data generated through new age devices to launch new use cases and campaigns Launch new use cases and campaigns in days & weeks Ability for Business/Marketing team to launch campaigns without having any dependency on Development team Monitor effectiveness of campaigns

User Acquisition:

User Acquisition With in-app referral campaigns turn customers into marketers as they bring in more users for mutual benefits With geo-fencing, attract mobile customers into the store by sending attractive offers and alerts Share Happy moments on Social Platforms Facebook remarketing for customers having similar attributes as your highest converting audience


Engagement Assisting Onboarding through InApp messages and push notifications Analyze your users’ specific characteristics, interests, and activities to differentiate between who’s making a purchase and who’s just window shopping Reduce cart abandonment by sending right push notifications at the right time Empower in-store sales reps with internal apps to make shopping more convenient Post Sale send notification to user to rate/review product or purchase experience On the spot coupons to run flash sales with time expiration – Example: Purchase by 4.00 PM to avail a discount or special price Target affluent areas or areas where middle class generally live Live Chat – Assign a rep or allow your users to have in-app chat discussion with your representation Get Net Promoter Score


Gamification Assign achievement badges to customers based on their activities, for instance, shopaholic, shopper of the month, etc Incentivize or reward users if anyone in their contact list makes a purchase Make shopping more fun by enabling users to add their buddies and exchange messages in real-time Induce competitive spirit with social leaderboards such as top spender of the month, top products, etc. Notify user that on social share they are entitled to get reward points in the app


Conversion Recommend other products to your users based on item similarity and user similarity. People who have purchased this have also purchased that Tracking the user behavior based on events and recommending Users who have not made any purchase for past 1 month, send re-engage notifications Target based on Demographic parameters If the customer clicks on a particular banner, tutorial, button– Automated email to be sent to the sales rep so that he can engage with the user right away

Prediction Analysis:

Prediction Analysis Based on user data, forecast the customers’ propensity the likelihood of making a purchase Reduce cost per user by acquiring new customers by targeting prospects that are most likely to respond favorably Categorize the customers based on their expenditure bracket and send personalized push notifications for better conversions Propensity to churn Propensity to by another product – Enabling cross selling

Partner Integration:

Partner Integration Enable integration of CRM, accounting, billing, marketing and other legacy systems to expose them as APIs Introduce digital wallets to help customers get off the long queues with quick payments Superior inventory management by integrating internal app with all the vendors and other regional stores

Sales Force Automation:

Sales Force Automation Manage & monitor Sales field force for enhanced personalization Monitor Sales Rep Productivity Availability of accurate and timely actionable sales data Competitor intelligence Awareness about discounts & offers Gamify based on no. of customers met in a day in each store and get achievements which later can be redeemed through Rewards Activity reports Quota reports & notification Allow them to quickly figure out the interests based on the previous purchases and present personalized offers Enable them to find out the detailed info and stock update across all stores with internal apps


ShepHertz App42 Platform Overview

Why ShepHertz:

Why ShepHertz - One Stop solution Omni-channel Platform – Supports 18 Native Platforms Big Data - Leverage Real time data generated by New age devices as well offline Time To Market - Launch use cases in hours than in weeks End-to-End Solution - Single provider which offers you all the services with committed SLAs and transparent/predictable pricing API driven so existing investments does not get wasted. Dependency of CMOs, Marketing & Product Heads on Tech is removed Expose protected resources as APIs – To Partner Apps and systems Deployment Model – Public, Dedicated, Hybrid & OnPremise


Continual Transformation Environment to build Omni-Channel Apps Backend API Services Gamification Automation & Actionable BigData Integrate with other Apps by Exposing APIs Launch Use Cases & Campaigns on Omni-Channels – Mobile, Web, Social, IoT, Wearables, TV, Kiosks/ATMs App Behavior Legacy Apps Real Time Offline Big Data Transactional External Apps Unstructured


Need to interface with multiple Cloud Service providers Leverages & Compliments their legacy applications Leveraging BigData - User Acquisition, Retention, Engagement & Conversion In context seamless transition of consumers across Omni- channels Ever increasing customer expectation : Expects new services in weeks Challenges & Constraints


App42 Cloud API - Services


Actionable BigData- Everything you need to grow your App


App42 API Gateway – Comprehensive API Management




Server Locations


ShepHertz App42 Platform Deep Dive


IoT Apps Enterprise Apps (External + Internal) Omni-Channel Wearables 800+ APIs 30+ Cloud Services Actionable BigData Realtime Messaging System API Management App42 Cloud Ecosystem IaaS Providers – IBM, vCloud Air, AWS, Azure Hybrid Enterprise OnPremise

Real-time Actionable Analytics:

Real-time Actionable Analytics


App42 Actionable Analytics


e.g. - “ Trigger In-App Message if a User stays on a page for more than 30 seconds ” App Engagement and Retention


Advanced Segmentation based on Multiple Events and User Properties e.g. - “ Users of Age 25 from New Jersey who started the App today but did not make a purchase ” Behavioural Segmentation

Event Based Achievements:

Event Based Achievements Create achievements based on certain events to increase user recognition and easy engagement Assign badges as soon as users do those events Get to be creative in the badge design and names


ENTRY POINT EXIT POINT DROP-OFF POINTS Engaging the user during these in-session drop off points based on real-time analytics (Enhancing in-app Personalization) Engaging the user at the entry point (can be based on past session) Engaging the user at the exit point based on his current session activity Send information on DEALS Send information on OFFER S Send RECOMMENDATIONS APP SESSION Session Event Tracking


Another Event A/B Test Custom Code URL To run chain campaigns Run Ad Campaigns Set Real time In-App triggers to boost Conversion Run Retention Campaigns Schedule highly targeted Push Notifications Run Chain Campaigns to progressively bring Users down the Sales Funnel Campaigns


Dashboard Comprehensive Dashboard Customizable Daily Metrics Mails Deep dive based on interest

Omni-Channel Dashboard:

Omni-Channel Dashboard Real-time App Installs Current Active Users Average Session Time Total current events


Web Push Notifications Ability to Add Channels : The greatest thing about triggering the opt-in box to the user to click on allow or block is that you can enable them to choose the channels they would like to subscribe to instead of opting for all the notifications. User Segmentation : In addition to enabling the users to choose channels, you can also segment them according to their demographics, behavior, activities, device type, etc. This further enhances your targeting and increases the conversion of your push messages up to 75%. Push Automation : It is difficult to send out web push manually every time your user does any desired event. With the ability of marketing automation tools, you can create events that you consider are important and you may go ahead and create campaigns based on those events. 

Unified Notifications:

Unified Notifications Target customers based on User Behavior, Events & Properties, Offline Data Rich Notifications Classification of users – Predictive Schedule Campaign Based Personalized A/B Test Geo Target/ Geo Fencing Configure Badge & Sound


Push Campaign for Geo Targeting Interactive map for selecting the users in a particular location Select Country, State, City to send targeted push Getting Geo location of various users and then segmenting them to send targeted Push messages Campaigns can be built for automated targeting to the users on the specific geo locations Push Geo-Targeting Campaign Management


Push Geo-Fencing Campaign Management Push Campaign for Geo Fencing Interactive map to select the multiple Geo Fences A fence can be as small as 50 meters (Close to SBI Banks or ATMs) Users can be targeted based on following cases Entering the fenced area Exiting the fenced area Dwelling inside the fenced area


Define – Multi-level Segmentation


Insights – Active Users (DAU, WAU, MAU) Set Goals – Get trigger mail


Insights - Funnel Analysis Create user flows - track drop off points & Target Get accurate analysis of the screens where users mostly lose interest Create specific campaigns to target them to move them further into the funnel for increased conversions


Insights - Cohort Analytics & Retention Marketing Track returning users with smart cohort analytics Analyze the days having majority of non-returning users Monitor the activities accordingly Plan personalized campaigns to bring them before they churn


Insights – Avg. Session


Insights – Installs & Un-Installs


Campaign – Push, InApp , Survey, Social Post, Email, Virality, Lead Generation


Campaign - Push Event based rich push notifications (include HTML, images, sound and badges, videos) Geo-target people with location based push notifications Create unlimited geo-fences across the world and run campaigns on people entering, exiting or dwelling for sometime in the fence Run experiments on your push notifications with A/B/n testing to try out different copies, CTAs and graphics to see which one works best


In-app referrals Implement growth hack in-app referral campaigns without any coding effort Choose among multiple sharing platforms Target users based on different segments to boost user acquisition


On Demand Targeting


Effectiveness – Compare Campaigns


Predict Analyze Target Define your Churn/Convert condition  Get the user’s likelihood of Churn or Convert  Know the reason of Churn or Conversion by looking at similar customer’s related activities Know the type of customers who are churning or converting by looking at similar customer’s attributes Target the segments by taking appropriate actions Send Push notifications, In-App Campaign or take other actions to reduce churn or increase conversion Features Increase Conversion, reduce Churn Define your Churn/Convert condition Bucket your customers into High, Medium or Low likelihood of Churn/Conversion Know your bucketed customer’s related activities   Know your bucketed customer’s related user attributes Take preventive action on bucketed segments to reduce churn or increase conversion Identify Problem Areas Retain customer loyalty Supports Classification, Regression, Anomaly Detection, Clustering Predictive Analytics


Prediction Analysis


User interacts with your app/web Added to custom list based on in-app actions User leaves Sees Remarketing ad on Facebook offering benefits and suggestions Banner prompts that user to return to your app/web Completes the activities or takes further actions Remarketing - Facebook




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