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Teacher Mila … The Perfectionist

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Mila is an elementary student … She wanted to be a teacher some day, she used to pretend as a teacher to her younger siblings. At their school she always helps her teacher in everything.

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Her family was so happy seeing Mila having a potential to be a good teacher. She has everything it takes to be a teacher.

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When she became a high school student, every time they are having a group report, Mila’s group always gets the high score because Mila was so good on it.

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Mila always gets an award and always joins every contest that their school has, and it is because of her intelligence and good way of speaking.

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When her graduation came, she was the Valedictorian of the class and Mila was so happy to what she has achieved.

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Then Mila became a college student. She enter a most expensive University in there hometown and took a course of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE).

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Mila was then so good in her subject and because of it she was one of the most popular student in their University. That’s why Mila was so proud of herself.

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When Mila graduated in college she received again many awards and passed the LET easily. She was also accepted to teach in a Public School.

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Mila was teaching in 4th year students, sometimes in higher section.

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For her what ever effort the students gave, she cannot praise them and because she always taught that her students still do not deserve to get a high grades and their work lacks of effort.

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Mila thinks that no one can beat her for being the most intelligent person in her time. She cannot give a high grades to her students even though they were so good in her class.

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Her students’ graduation is getting near ...

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When Mila looks at her class record and saw the students who got the highest grades …

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At first she was shocked and confused why that student got a high grade but that student didn’t even recite and interact in her class.

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That’s why she thinks that the student doesn’t deserve to be the Valedictorian.

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The next day Mila review and take a look at her students work. She looks at their exams, quizzes, seat works, assignments & projects. When she was re-checking Mila suddenly admits to herself that her students are bright and their performance was good.

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At the first time Mila was so glad and continues reviewing her students work. She was then disappointed and feels ashamed of herself because of the grades that she gave to her students before.

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Before the school year ends Mila talks to her students and apologizes to what she had done and promises to give them a good grades.

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Her student was so happy to what teacher Mila said.

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Starting that day she learned how to treat her students fairly and give them the grades that they deserve.

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Cast : Mila – Sabado, Shelyn Anne Student 1 – Ilano, Nharlynne Student 2 – Acebedo, Jocelyn Crew : Photographer – Valenzuela, Krisha Marie Movie Maker & Editor – Sabado, Shelyn Anne

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