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MODIFIERS So you WON'T do this: He shared a meal with his wife on fine dishes.

Bad or badly? Good or well?:

Bad or badly? Good or well? Use bad to describe nouns (bad weather) Use badly to describe verbs (she sings badly) Use good to describe nouns (a good idea) Use well to describe verbs (he studies well)

Watch for double negatives:

Watch for double negatives Often occurs in sentences with “not” She was not unhappy . --NO She was happy. She was content. --YES I cannot hardly wait to get home. --NO I cannot wait to get home.--YES *I could care less what you think.--NO *I couldn't care less what you think.--YES

Misplaced Modifiers:

Misplaced Modifiers A modifier (descriptive phrase) MUST be right next to what it describes, to avoid confusion. Many dogs are killed by automobiles and trucks roaming unleashed . --NO Many dogs roaming unleashed are killed by automobiles and trucks. --YES

Watch for “only”:

Watch for “only” The archaologist only found the skull on her last dig. --NO...implies she might have done something else with the skull The archaeologist found only the skull on her last dig--YES

Dangling Modifiers:

Dangling Modifiers A modifier must describe something clearly stated in the sentence. With nothing to describe, it is dangling. Passing the building, the vandalism became visible.---NO...was the “vandalism” passing the building? Passing the building, I saw the vandalism.--YES

Next Steps of Action:

Next Steps of Action Explain the steps that now need to be taken

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